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Monday,  10  December  2012          Issue No: 4243

[01] PM Samaras says Greek bond buyback 'went well'
[02] PM: 'The worst is over, 2013 will be turning point'
[03] SYRIZA criticized PM's newspaper interview
[04] SYRIZA blasts PM's interview with German newspaper, gov't lashes back
[05] PM: National issues are not settled in haste
[06] Venizelos: Tax bill will be passed, bond buy-back will succeed
[07] Venizelos: Tough negotiation on new tax bill
[08] KKE blasts three-party coalition government
[09] KKE 19th Congress in April
[10] Foreign ministry denies Skopje press allegations on Nimetz 'ideas'
      on name issue
[11] FM Avramopoulos to attend EU General and External Affairs Council
[12] Justice Minister unveils 4-point solution for judicial functionaries
[13] GEETHA Chief officially visits Israel
[14] Turkish corvette sails in Greek territorial waters
[15] Greece-China meeting on boosting agricultural cooperation
[16] Agriculture Minister visits Tripolis, Vytina
[17] Foreign Exchange rates - Monday
[18] Three siblings burn to death in fire
[19] Dairy firm production manager kills himself
[20] One of four armed robbers in Nea Erythrea shoot-out arrested
[21] Greek under-18 women's water polo team wins World Youth Championship
[22] Pres. Papoulias congratulates Greece's youth water polo team for
      gold medal
[23] Super League results
[24] Athens' Sunday newspapers at a glance
[01] PM Samaras says Greek bond buyback 'went well'

MUNICH (AMNA/F.Karaviti)

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras expressed here on Sunday evening
satisfaction over a Greek bond buyback programme, which is part of the
country's bail out, saying it had gone "very well".

Speaking to reporters after a working dinner with Bavarian Minister
President (local prime minister) and leader of the Christian Social Union
(CSU) party Horst Seehofer at Prince Charles Palace, Samaras said that
the procedure, which ended last Friday evening, "went very well".

He also underlined that "with the 10 billion euros from the EFSF to
cut down our debt bt 20 billion euros and so to reduce the debt/GDP
ratio...by Monday or Tuesday, one would be able to say with certainty
that things have gone well."

According to the Greek premier, Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras,
who accompanies him in his Bavaria visit, was in contact with Brussels
over the results of a meetimng of the Euro Working Group.

Samaras expessed satisfaction over his talks with the Bavarian Minister
President Horst Seehofer. He was warmly welcomed earlier in the day,
by Seehofer at Prince Charles Palace.

Samaras, who signed the visitors book, is accompanied by Stournaras and
Development undersecretary Notis Mitarakis.

[02] PM: 'The worst is over, 2013 will be turning point'

The worst is over for the Greek people, 2013 will be a turning point
year, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras said in an interview with Ethnos
newspaper appearing on Sunday.

"From the start (of the year) there will be some relief, and in the second
half the first signs of recovery will appear," Samaras said, noting that
by "changing the policy mix -- more money coming in (to the economy) than
that going out -- and putting emphasis now on the structural changes,
the trend of the economy will also change".

He also said that "the worst is over" for the citizens, "but this doesn't
mean that tomorrow we will return to where we were three years ago",
adding that the state will be reduced but not dissolved.

"For years the public sector razed both the citizens and its best
people. The new public sector to arise will serve the citizen but also
distinguish the worth civil servant. It will be smaller, of course,
but it will be much more efficient," Samaras said, and on the prospect
of layoffs said that nothing more is being done than that which has
been already announced, noting that the "reduction of personnel is not
affected only with layoffs but also with the hiring of fewer people than
those retiring."

On the new tax bill, he said that an effort is being made to reduce
the tax burden on the salaried and on businesses by clamping down on
tax evasion.

"It is much simpler, more development-oriented, it can take advantage of
new technologies and remedies to a great degree some of the injustices
that existed before, such as reinstating the large-family (four or more
children) benefits," he said.

On the uproar created by leaks on the new tax bill, Samaras said that a
technical plan was initially made public which did not express the views
of the coalition government or any of the three parties supporting it,
noting that "it is not the first time that great extent is given to rumors
that do not correspond to reality, nor the intentions of the government".

The prime minister further rejected speculation of early general
elections, which he said no one ones, not even those who supposedly are
demanding them.

"To speak again about elections -- even to just discuss them -- is
madness," he said, adding that "only as a scenario of catastrophe"
could election speculation stand.

He also launched a scathing attack on main opposition SYRIZA, accusing
it of belonging to the "drachma lobby".

"What does unilateral abolition of the Memorandum or its application
laws mean? Just by saying it, it was butter on the bread of all those
outside Greece who wanted to kick us out of the euro," Samaras charged,
and blasted SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras personally over his statement
that an exit from the euro is not 'taboo'.

"Even if he (Tsipras) did not realize it when he said this, such
statements create the impression that there is a danger of returning to
the drachma," he added.

On his collaboration with the junior partners in the coalition government
-- PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos and Democratic Left (DIMAR) leader
Fotis Kouvelis -- he said that "all of us, Vangelis and Fotis and I,
realize that this is a big opportunity for all the reforms that were
never done and which the country has always needed to be made", while
on the prospect of PASOK and DIMAR participation in the government with
"front-line" political figures, he said he could not reply on something
that has not been put forward as an issue.

Samaras also described his cooperation with Finance Minister Yannis
Stournaras as "exceptional" and announced that the government is moving
quickly to the materialization of the denationalizations, while at the
same time criticizing the trade union organizations of the large public
utilities and state enterprises (DEKO), accusing them of "acting as if
the DEKO, which are public property, are their own property".

"I say to them that the DEKO are not their property. They frequently
act like forgotten 'soviets'," he added.

Samaras further expressed disagreement with a prospective outlawing of
the ultra-right Chryssi Avghi (Golden Dawn) party, saying that "they
are succeeding on their own in making themselves repulsive".

On speculation of a re-establishment of his New Democracy (ND) party,
Samaras stressed that "at this time we are exclusively occupied with
putting the country back on its own feet" and passed off the speculations
as "behind-the-scenes discussions".

[03] SYRIZA criticized PM's newspaper interview

Main opposition SYRIZA on Sunday criticized Prime Minister Antonis
Samaras' interview appearing in Ethnos newspaper earlier in the day,
terming the premier's reference that growth is anticipated in 2013 as
"brazen", given that "recession will continue, unemployment will increase
further and the closures of shops and businesses will multiply" in the
coming year.

SYRIZA, in a written statement, said that Samaras was trying to "gloss
over" the results of "his catastrophic policy on society and the economy".

"The reality, however, sorely belies him and he cannot convince anyone,"
it said.

SYRIZA charged that it is provocative that the government is once again
mulling an increase in the tax burden on salary and pension earners and
freelance professionals while at the same time reducing taxes on large
businesses and shipping capital, while at the same time covering for
tax evaders.

It said that not much time remains for the lacking in credibility prime
minister, his government and all who represent the "disaster lobby".

"The people will hasten the processes for their democratic toppling,"
SYRIZA concluded.

[04] SYRIZA blasts PM's interview with German newspaper, gov't lashes back

Main opposition SYRIZA on Saturday said Prime Minister Antonis Samaras
lacked credibility and called him dangerous, anticipating that the hour
that he will leave is not far away, in a written commenting on Samaras'
interview with a German newspaper appearing Friday, ahead of his visit
to Bavaria.

"Wherever he goes, the Prime Minister states his faith in the Memorandum
policy, while his forecasts for growth next year prove that he is outside
the realm of reality, as the repercussions of the extreme austerity are
tragic for the Greek society and economy," the SYRIZA statement said.

SYRIZA called Samaras' references "for respect of the laws and the
democratic procedures" hypocritical, given that the prime minister
himself and his government were daily issuing Legislative Acts, thus
circumventing parliament and effectively abolishing the Constitution and
judicial rulings, and covering those who were covering the tax evaders
on the Lagarde list, and not only.

The government, in a response by government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou,
lashed back that "dangerous is to undermine your country as it attempts
to stand on its own feet".

"What is lacking credibility is the mish-mash of extreme components
(that comprise SYRIZA). What is unethical is to want to govern with a
populist delirium. The only consolation is that the Greeks understand
all this, Kedikoglou concluded.


[05] PM: National issues are not settled in haste

Nicosia (AMNA/A. Viketos)

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras paid tribute to the late former
Cyprus President Tassos Papadopoulos as a "symbol of Hellenism", adding
that Hellenism needs leaders like Papadopoulos to guide our steps,
delivering the eulogy at a memorial service marking the fourth anniversary
of the former president's death.

Samaras, who was invited by the Papadopoulos family, said that "in
these hard years Hellenism needs leaders and Tassos Papadopoulos lights
our steps".

Referring to the period of the referendum on the Annan Plan for Cyprus,
Samaras noted that in 2004 some quarters had attempted to punish the
Republic of Cyprus for the rejection of then UN Secretary General Kofi
Annan's plan on Cyprus, remembering Papadopoulos' statement that he
had taken governance of a state and would not turn over a community,
adding that he had been speaking then on behalf of all the Greeks.

He also recalled that it was during Papadopoulos' tenure that Cyprus
became a full member of the EU and Cyprus' Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)
was declared, calling it a greatly inspired political move.

Samaras arrived in Nicosia on Saturday night, and afterwards attended a
dinner in his honor hosted by Cyprus President Demetris Christofias at
the latter's summer home in Kellaki, near Limassol.

Samaras had a series of meetings on Sunday with the leaders of the Cypriot
parties, with talks focusing on the Cyprus issue and the economic crisis
that was plaguing both Greece and Cyprus.

An announcement by the Cypriot left-wing AKEL party said that Samaras and
party leader Andros Kyprianou exchanged views on the economic crisis and
ways in which Cyprus could more effectively deal with the consequences
of the Memorandum.

An announcement by the Democratic Party (DIKO) said talks with party
leader Marios Garoyan focused on the common positions on the national
issues, the economic crisis and the critical problems faced by the two
countries and Hellenism.

In an interview in the Cypriot daily "Simerini" (Today) appearing on
Sunda6, Samaras stressed that the big, long-standing national issues
"are not settled hastily", but "mature and are resolved", warning that
those who hasten to "close" such issues under conditions of external
pressure are most likely to reproduce them".

He also stressed that Greece's economic difficulties were not left to
lead the country to isolation and to losses on national issues.

He expressed his conviction that Cyprus will manage to overcome the
consequences of the economic crisis and its recourse to the support
mechanism more quickly and with fewer losses than Greece.

"My dream is that we will together unfold our virtues for the prosperity,
security and glow of all of Hellenism, for the stability and security
of our entire region," Samaras said.

He also said that the populism in Greece did not succeed in destabilizing
the country, adding that despite the recent difficulties, the opinion
polls themselves showed that "the Greek people appreciate the work we
have done and do not see another, alternative, solution existing".

Samaras left Cyprus in the early afternoon for Munich, where he will
meet on Monday with Bavarian Minister President (local prime minister)
and leader of the Christian Social Union (CSU) party Horst Seehofer.

[06] Venizelos: Tax bill will be passed, bond buy-back will succeed

The tax bill will be passed because the three parties in the coalition
government have agreed on the basic points, with only a few points left
for discussion, the bond buy-back will be completed with success, Greece
will get the next tranche of the bailout package and in the coming weeks
the difference will be tangible as cash will be injected into the market,
PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos said, addressing a pre-congress event
on Saturday.

Greece is in a mine-field, but there is no better solution, Venizelos
said, and accused the opposition of lying and concealing the truth when
claiming that another solution exists, and cited the example of Cyprus,
which he said did not succeed in finding capital from China, Russia
or elsewhere.

He said the opposition parties, and chiefly main opposition SYRIZA,
were giving out promises of a return to the past or a solution without
sacrifices and cutbacks, warning that they would find this ahead of
them, as the people would demand explanations later. Even inside PASOK,
there were and still are some who believe that another solution exists,
but no one has proposed something different, Venizelos noted.

On PASOK's stance in the three-party government, Venizelos said that PASOK
was shouldering the support of the governmental majority and Greece's
strategic exit from the crisis, and criticised Democratic Left (DIMAR)
of wavering tendencies, which was not the case with PASOK.

"Imagine what would have happened if PASOK had not voted for the measures
in parliament, and the majority of 151 MPs had not been attained,"
he said, adding that "whoever hits at PASOK hits at the governmental
and political stability, against the strategy of Greece's exit from
the crisis".

He noted PASOK's initiative against xenophobia and racism, saying that
he will have meetings with various bodies and social institutions,
and reiterated that Chryssi Avghi (the ultra-right Golden Dawn party)
should be dealt with as an "unconstitutional formation", adding that
the tendencies for the "fascismization of society" were not bred only
by Chryssi Avghi but also by the prevailing attitude in society that is
conducive to or tolerates such phenomena.

Venizelos accused the main opposition SYRIZA party of a "rabid attempt"
for nothing to change and of "supposed leftist conservatism", adding
that SYRIZA was not convincing.

[07] Venizelos: Tough negotiation on new tax bill

PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos spoke of a 'tough negotiation' on the
part of his party on the new tax bill, addressing a party event in Serres
on Sunday.

"On the tax bill, which is urgent, we made a very great effort, we made
a very tough negotiation, to safeguard the most important targets we
had, the families with children and protection of the families with low
incomes, the young professionals who in the first three years will have an
auspicious tax burden, and the farmers so that they will not be affected
by the new tax regime of income and expenses ledgers," Venizelos said,
stressing that "all these measures are corrections via a transitional
regulation that is tied in with the crisis and is part of the package
of difficult measures the country must present in order to be consistent
with its obligations."

Venizelos harshly criticized the European partners, noting also that
Greece is heading toward an exit from the crisis.

"Greece, unfortunately, is the laboratory of the failure of the way in
which Europe attempted to deal with the crisis," he said, noting the
"strict and tough perception" with which the Europeans demanded "harsh
measures of immediate fiscal adjustment at a time when the countries of
the south are in recession."

Venizelos also harshly criticized the opposition and its role, saying:
"Whoever thinks that he can sell false bravado in the negotiations with
Europe should see how the negotiations have developed and how tougher
they are from the preceding negotiations, because Europe does not think
and react rationally", while he also criticized main opposition SYRIZA
and its leader Alexis Tsipras, saying that "whoever claims that there
is another solution is obliged to present it."

He further underlined the political cost PASOK is shouldering with its
participation in the coalition government.

[08] KKE blasts three-party coalition government

The co-governance is attempting, with conjuring acts, to present the
black as white, when claiming that the new tax-looting measures that
crush the popular strata will in actuality provide relief for the poorer,
the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) accused the three-party coalition
government on Saturday, adding that the target is to turn one section of
the working people against the other in order to make them easy victims
of the theft by the big capital, which enjoys provocative tax exemptions.

The working people, together with the popular strata of the cities
and the countryside must react with a strong alliance of organized
mass disobedience and counter-attack in order to repel and reverse the
barbarous policy that serves the monopolies and the EU sham alliance,
the KKE concluded.

[09] KKE 19th Congress in April

The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) will hold its 19th Congress on April
11-33, 2013 and made public the party's Central Committee positions on
Sunday, accompanied by a Draft Programme of the KKE and a Draft Charter.

The text of Positions comprises three parts, with the first containing
a review of the KKE's actions since its 18th Congress and evaluation of
the Central Committee that was elected at that time, as well as a general
overview of the party's political duties up to the next, 20th, Congress.

The second party includes the Draft Programme that was decided at the
15th Congress in 1996 and updated on the basis of the international
and domestic developments in the subsequent Congresses, while the third
party contains the draft Charter that was used in older and more recent

The prologue to the Positions briefly reviews the party's historic roots
and stressed that "the KKE is an organized, pioneering and conscious
division of the working class" that is "fighting for the toppling of
capitalism and the building of socialism-communism" and is "devoted to
the principal of proletarian internationalism".

The KKE is working for the restructure of the international communist
movement since the abatement of the crisis it went through, particularly
after the victory of counter-revolution of 1989-1991.

"The capitalist system in Greece, just as in every other country, will not
collapse by itself because of its antitheses. The great aggravation of the
social antitheses will lead to revolutionary conditions, to conditions
of great aggravation of the class struggle, as it will have matured and
risen, through daily struggles, to a powerful labor movement in alliance
with the popular strata that are suffering," the prologue said.

KKE leader Aleka Papariga will present the Positions for the 19th Congress
at a press conference on Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. at the party headquarters
in Perissos.

[10] Foreign ministry denies Skopje press allegations on Nimetz 'ideas'
on name issue

Greece's foreign ministry denied a report in a FYROM magazine on the
content of the latest ideas of the UN secretary general's special mediator
Matthew Nimetz on the FYROM name issue and Athens press speculation on
the opening of EU accession negotiations with FYROM.

In a statement on Saturday, foreign ministry spokesman Grigoris
Delavekouras said that, regarding the "leak" in Saturday's Skopje press
"concerning the content of the most recent ideas from Mr. Nimetz, we
make it clear that Greece received no such ideas and we repudiate the
contents of the article categorically".

"The content of the Nimetz ideas bears no relation to what is reported
in the article" he said, adding: "What's more, the ideas described in
the article would be totally outside the framework Greece has set and
could not be up for discussion."

"As to the content of the article in today's (Saturday's) Athens press,
alleging that Greece intends to consent to the opening of FYROM accession
negotiations with the EU without the prior resolution of the name issue,
we make it clear that this does not correspond to the reality of the
situation. Greece's stance remains firm and consistent: that compliance
with all the conditions and criteria that have been set by unanimous
decisions of the EU is a necessary prerequisite for the opening of
accession negotiations. Uppermost among these conditions is respect
for good neighbourly relations, which means the finding of a mutually
acceptable solution to the name issue," Delavekouras said.

[11] FM Avramopoulos to attend EU General and External Affairs Council

Greek Foreign Affairs Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos will be in Brussels
on Monday and Tuesday to take part in the European Union General and
External Affairs Council.

On Monday, he will attend an External Affairs Council working lunch,
which is to look into EU-Russia relations in view of the EU-Russia
Council, to be held in Brussels on Dec. 21. Also on the agenda will be
the peace process in the Middle East.

On Tuesday morning, the General Affairs Council will examine a number of
issues, including the preparation of the conclusions on the EU Council of
Dec. 13 and 14. Later, the president of the Council, Herman van Rompuy
will host a working lunch, while the EU enlargement policy conclusions
will be on the afternoon meeting agenda.

[12] Justice Minister unveils 4-point solution for judicial functionaries

Justice Minister Antonis Roupakiotis unveiled a four-point solution for
the country's judges, who have been staging strikes and other actions
for more than 80 days.

Roupakiotis told the general assembly of the Union of Judges and
Prosecutors on Saturday that the government was seeking a four-point

The first point is the payment of retroactive pay of 2011 that the
salary court had ruled in favor of for the judges, which will be in cash,
and not in bonds, within January 2013.

The second point is a more auspicious legislative arrangement for those
judges who have taken out home loans and have suffered a more than 30
percent cutback in their incomes.

The third point is that judges who have cashed in early the bonds they
had received in lieu of cash for retroactive revenues of previous years
will not be harassed by the banks.

The fourth point is that the judicial branch's petition for one of
their benefits to be incorporated into their minimum salary will not
be rejected, but this cannot occur before the disbursement of the next
tranche of the bailout loan.

During their general assembly, the judicial functionaries decided,
with a wide majority, to continue their mobilizations until January 19,
but in milder form. Specifically, the judges will step down from their
benches at noon to the end of their shift at 3:00 p.m., whereas currently
they were stepping down at 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

A new general assembly will be held on that date to decide on further

[13] GEETHA Chief officially visits Israel

Chief of General Army Staff (GEETHA), general Michail Kostarakos, on
Sunday arrived in Israel as part of his two-day official visit, ending
on Monday.

The visit was arranged following an invitation extended by Chief of
Israeli Defense Forces, lieutenant-general Binyamin "Benny" Gantz.

[14] Turkish corvette sails in Greek territorial waters

A Turkish corvette entered Greek territorial waters on Saturday evening
between the islands of Evia and Andros, sailed between the islands
of Kea and Kythnos, and left Greek territorial waters some 80 minutes
later southwest of Kythnos, the National Defence General Staff (GEETHA)
said on Sunday.

It said that the corvette subsequently followed a course in international
waters west of Milos island, north of Crete, and on Sunday headed eastward
of Crete.

A Greek Navy vessel monitored the Turkish corvette throughout the
duration, a GEETHA announcement added.

Financial News

[15] Greece-China meeting on boosting agricultural cooperation

Visiting China's Agriculture undersecretary, Yu Xinrong, met on Friday
with Agricultural Development Minister Athanasios Tsaftaris and alternate
minister Maximos Harakopoulos, with their discussion focusing on the
development of Greece-China relations in the rural sector, and boosting
exports of Greek rural products.

The two sides agreed to step up their actions on further expanding
agricultural cooperation to the mutual benefit of both countries.

[16] Agriculture Minister visits Tripolis, Vytina

Agriculture Minister Athanasios Tsaftaris toured Arcadia prefecture
on Sunday, and met with Peloponnese regional chief Petros Tatoulis in
Tripolis at noon, followed by visit to the Kandilas plain, where land
improvement works are currently underway.

He later visited the town of Vytina, and inspected the Triantafyllideio
estate that had been bequeathed to the state and was recently renovated,
where he discussed with local officials the exploitation of the estate for
the creation of a Mediterranean Diet Center as well as the reopening of
the state expanse in Vytina for the development of a forest-herb garden
for educational and research purposes.

[17] Foreign Exchange rates - Monday

Reference buying rates per euro released by the European Central Bank:

U.S. dollar 1.309

Pound sterling  0.818

Danish kroner  7.570

Swedish kroner 8.747

Japanese yen  107.78

Swiss franc  1.225

Norwegian kroner 7.440

Canadian dollar  1.299

Australian dollar  1.250

General News

[18] Three siblings burn to death in fire

Three siblings aged 5, 9 and 15 burned to death at dawn Saturday in a
fire that broke out, apparently from a woodstove, in their two-storey
home in the village of Mesoropi, north-west of Kavala, plunging the
local community into shock and mourning.

Ten people were in the old wooden house at the time: the two parents,
six children and two grandparents, who the family was visiting for
the weekend.

The three brothers were killed when the roof caved in from the fire,
trapping them in the flames.

The three other children, their parents and grandparents suffered burns
and were initially taken to the health center in nearby Eleftheroupolis.

According to the Fire Brigade, the fire started from a lit woodstove
the family was using to heat the house and spread quickly, engulfing the
building and spreading to nearby residences, also old wooden structures.

The six children were sleeping in the upper floor while the parents and
elderly couple slept in the ground floor. Panic erupted when the residents
of the house got wind of the fire, and the parents managed to remove the
three younger children, two girls and a boy, from the blazing building.

The 15-year-old boy had initially exited the house but went back in to
help his 5- and 9-year-old brothers, but the roof caved in and trapped
the three brothers.

The house was completely destroyed by the fire, which spread to nearby
homes but was put out by firemen who rushed to the site.

The family had 10 children, of which the four were away while the other
six lived with their parents in Kavala, and would spend most weekends
in the father's hometown of Mesoropi with the grandparents.

The father is an employee of the local Public Power Corporation (PPC)
branch in Kavala and the mother is a teacher of French at a Kavala junior
high school.

In a gesture of mourning, the municipality of Kavala cancelled
inter-school mini-football championship qualifying games in which the
grammar school attended by the 9-year-old who perished in the fire was

[19] Dairy firm production manager kills himself

A 51-year old man was found dead by police in the town of Ioannina, NW
Greece, on Sunday evening, after consuming a large quantity of pesticides.

Police also said that the man - a production manager with Dodoni dairy
firm -  left a note explaining the reasons for committing suicide.
Work colleagues said even though he recently seemed to be rather worried,
he faced no obvious problems at work or home.

[20] One of four armed robbers in Nea Erythrea shoot-out arrested

Police on Saturday morning arrested one of the four armed robbers of
a shoot-out in Nea Erythrea and Kryoneri a day earlier after which the
suspects escaped in a jeep hijacked from investigative journalist Makis
Triantafyllopoulos. Arrest warrants were issued against the other three

The 26-year-old Albanian national who was arrested is facing charges
of multiple counts of attempted homicide against police officers, theft
and attempted theft, aggravated theft and violation of the gun law.

The three accomplices still at large are also facing the same charges,
and a police manhunt to track them down is continuing.

Police found and confiscated a Kalashnikov machine gun in the Albanian's

Police launched a man-hunt on Thursday for four armed robbers who
in the early morning hours grabbed a briefcase filled with cash from
a house in the northern suburb of Nea Erythrea and after a shoot-out
with police later took off in the car of investigative journalist Makis
Triantafyllopoulos after forcing him out of his car as he was driving by.

The four armed robbers broke into a one-family house in Nea Erythrea
at about 3:30 a.m. and fled with a briefcase containing an undisclosed
amount of cash. The residents got wind of the break-in and immediately
alerted the police.

Officers in a police patrol car caught up with the robbers' car a short
distance away, and the robbers opened fire on the police, who returned
the shots while in pursuit.

The robbers abandoned their car in the Ekali area, where they stopped
Triantafyllopoulos, who was driving by at the time, forced him to get out
of the car, a Porsche Cayenne, and attempted to flee in the journalist's
car, but in nearby Kryoneri the car overturned and fell into a ditch.

The robbers fled on foot under cover of the dark.


[21] Greek under-18 women's water polo team wins World Youth Championship

Greece's national women's under-18 water polo team clinched the gold medal
in the inaugural FINA World Youth Water Polo Championships on Sunday in
Perth's (Australia) Challenge Stadium, beating their Hungarian rivals
9-5 in the final.

Greece had won the gold medal at the 1997 Championships in Prague with
6-5 against the Australian team, but the championship at that time was
for athletes under 19 years of age.

This was the 1st under-18 FINA World Youth Water Polo Championship.

Russia took home the bronze medal in a come-from-behind victory over
the US.

Greece beat the US 8-3 in a semifinal on Friday.

Greece's Chryssoula Diamantopoulou was named the best goalkeeper, while
Russia's Elvina Karimova was named most valuable player.

[22] Pres. Papoulias congratulates Greece's youth water polo team for
gold medal

President of the Hellenic Republic Karolos Papoulias, in a wire message
sent on Sunday, congratulated Greece's national wo-men's under-18 water
polo team for winning the gold medal in the inaugural FINA World Youth
Water Polo Championships in Perth, Australia.

"I sincerely congratulate you. Your success makes us all really proud
at the current tough times the nation is going through, and fills us
with hope and optimism", Papoulias said in the wire.

In the FINA event, the Greek team beat their Hungarian rivals 9-5.

[23] Super League results

Olympiacos Piraeus drew 2-2 with Panathinaikos in a match played away
over the weekend retaining its lead in the Greek Super League soccer

In other action:

PAOK Thessaloniki - Levadiakos  1-0

Kerkyra - PAS Yiannina   0-2

Atromitos Athens - OFI Crete  3-2

Platanias Crete - Veria  0-0

Xanthi - Panionios Athens  4-0

Asteras Tripoli - Aris Thessaloniki  1-1

Panthrakikos  - AEK Athens   10/12

Standings after fourteen weeks of play:

1. Olympiacos 36

2. PAOK 28

3. Asteras 25

4. Atromitos 24

5. Panionios 21

6. PAS Yiannina 21

7. Panathinaikos 20

8. Levadiakos 18

9. Platanias 16

10. OFI 14

11. Panthrakikos 14 - Thirteen matches played

12. Xanthi 14

13. Kerkyra 12

14. Veria 12

15.  Aris 12

16. AEK 11 - Thirteen matches played

NOTE: Panathinaikos has had two points deducted.

Weather forecast

[24] Athens' Sunday newspapers at a glance

AGGELIOFOROS: "The ambiguities and the tricks of the new tax bill".

AVGHI: "Derailment - ND, PASOK, DIMAR (the three parties of the coalition
government) but also Samaras (prime minister) in free-fall".

DIMOKRATIA: "Balance of terror in the government of the 'three'."

ELEFTHEROS TYPOS: "Double trap for pensions, lump-sum retirement

EPOCHI: "Balance of terror in government".

EXPRESS: "Wave of retirements of freelance professionals".

KATHIMERINI: "They lost billions in wagering on Greece's exit from
the euro".

LOGOS: "Death penalty for the small and medium size enterprises (SMEs)".

NIKI: "The market ruses lead to prison".

TO PARON: "The new bosses are coming".

PROTO THEMA: "A ''clean' Lagarde list is coming".

REALNEWS: "Confidential report to the prime minister on the oil deposits".

RIZOSPASTIS:  "KKE 19th Congress - Strong party for social and political

TO ARTHRO: "Dangerous relaxation".

TO VIMA: "Tax trap for the middle class".

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