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News by Date for June 1999

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Tuesday, 1 June 1999

[English]ClariNet-AP Ocalan Denies Ordering Key Attacks (Tue, 1 Jun 1999 16:07:24 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Ocalan denies responsibility for PKK outrages (Tue, 1 Jun 1999 15:20:11 PDT)
[English]Reuters Turks asks Greece to cooperate against PKK (Tue 1 Jun 21:53)
[English]Reuters FOCUS-Bereaved families urge judge to hang Ocalan (Tue 1 Jun 21:28)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Ocalan denies responsibility for PKK outrages (Tue, 1 Jun 1999 11:30:05 PDT)
[English]Associated Press Kurdish rebel leader rejects responsibility for key attacks (06/01/99 14:18)
[English]ClariNet-AFP New Turkish government to face confidence vote next Wednesday (Tue, 1 Jun 1999 9:30:22 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Second day of Ocalan trial ends (Tue, 1 Jun 1999 9:20:25 PDT)
[English]The Los Angeles Times Top Kurd Rebel Pleads for Life as Trial Begins (Jun. 1)
[English]The Boston Globe Kurdish rebel leader, in court, pleads for life (Jun. 1)
[English]Reuters Ocalan Says He's Responsible For Rebel Campaign (Tue 1 Jun 17:44)
[English]Reuters FOCUS-Ocalan says responsible for PKK campaign (Tue 1 Jun 17:43)
[English]Reuters Turk minister cites Ottoman legacy in Aegean (Tue 1 Jun 17:34)
[English]Reuters Soccer-Greek first division results/final standings (Tue 1 Jun 17:29)
[English]Reuters Greece, U.S. smash international cocaine ring (Tue 1 Jun 17:28)
[English]Reuters Athens urges Turkey not to dispute Greek islands (Tue 1 Jun 16:56)
[English]Reuters Work begins to exhume unknown Cyprus graves (Tue 1 Jun 16:04)
[English]Reuters Greek stocks jump on upbeat results, Kosovo hopes (Tue 1 Jun 15:25)
[English]ClariNet-AFP ATTENTION - RECASTS with official TV reports of testimony /// (Tue, 1 Jun 1999 8:00:27 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-UPI Ocalan trial reveals inner PKK workings [Incl. Photo] (Tue, 1 Jun 1999 8:21:01 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AP Ocalan Denies Ordering 1993 Attack [Incl. Photo] (Tue, 1 Jun 1999 6:44:07 PDT)
[English]Reuters OTE Telecom reaps investment benefits (Tue 1 Jun 12:27)
[English]Reuters PRESS DIGEST - Turkey - June 1 (Tue 1 Jun 11:01)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Greek defence minister holds talks in Saudi Arabia (Tue, 1 Jun 1999 6:20:19 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Treason trial of Kurdish rebel leader enters second day amid clashes (Tue, 1 Jun 1999 6:00:24 PDT)
[English]Associated Press Kurdish rebel leader says he did not order 1993 attack (06/01/99 08:57)
[English]The New York Times In Plea for His Life, Kurdish Rebel Offers to Halt War (Jun. 1)
[English]The Financial Times Turkey: Ocalan pleads for his life (Jun. 1)
[English]The Financial Times Cyprus: Largest banks in share splits (Jun. 1)
[English]The Financial Times Turkey: Ocalan pleads to 'live for peace' (May 31)
[English]BBC BBC News | Europe | Ocalan urges end to fighting (Jun 01)
[English]The Washington Post Rebel Kurd Asks Turkish Court To Spare His Life (Jun. 1)
[English]Arabic News Trail of Ocalan begins today (May 31)
[English]The Daily Telegraph Ocalan begs for his life 'to promote racial peace' (Jun. 1)
[English]The Guardian Death wish surrounds Ocalan trial (May 31)
[English]The Independent Blue Circle in 401m GBP Greek buy (Jun. 1)
[English]The Independent Ocalan, once scourge of the Turks, begs court for his life (Jun. 1)
[English]The International Herald Tribune On Trial, Kurd Offers Peace With a Warning (Jun. 1)
[English]The Jerusalem Post Greek clergy upset at exclusion from David's tomb (Jun. 1)
[English]The Times Rust may be Parthenon's doom (Jun. 1)
[English]The Times 'We waited for this for 15 long years' [Ocalan] (Jun. 1)
[English]The Times Ocalan pleads with court for his life (Jun. 1)
[English]The Irish Times Rebel leader pleads for his life (Jun. 1)
[English]ClariNet-AFP ATTENTION - ADDS details about court proceedings /// (Tue, 1 Jun 1999 2:40:10 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Turkish press blasts Ocalan for "peace" messages (Tue, 1 Jun 1999 2:20:10 PDT)
[English]Reuters PRESS DIGEST - Cyprus - June 1 (Tue 1 Jun 9:03)
[English]Associated Press Kurdish rebel leader offers surrender during trial in Turkey (06/01/99 01:06)
[English]ClariNet-UPI Ocalan asks for forgiveness (Mon, 31 May 1999 18:30:06 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Ocalan pledges to cooperate as treason trial opens (Mon, 31 May 1999 17:20:12 PDT)

Wednesday, 2 June 1999

[English]ClariNet-AP Rebels Support Ocalan's Peace Calls [Incl. Photo] (Wed, 2 Jun 1999 15:11:22 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-UPI Ground invasion no closer with talks (Wed, 2 Jun 1999 14:20:18 PDT)
[English]Reuters Kurd Rebel Ocalan Offers Peace For Mercy (Wed 2 Jun 8:37)
[English]Associated Press Kurdish rebels warn of fighting if Turkey ignores peace call (06/02/99 15:06)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Ocalan's lawyers, relatives not to attend Thursday's hearing: spokesman (Wed, 2 Jun 1999 12:10:22 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP More NATO warplanes in Turkey for strikes against Yugoslavia (Wed, 2 Jun 1999 11:30:21 PDT)
[English]Reuters Parcel bomb injures one at Greek newspaper (Wed 2 Jun 21:18)
[English]Reuters FOCUS-Ocalan's Kurdish rebels say back peace bid (Wed 2 Jun 21:15)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Ocalan blames PKK atrocities on "rebel elements" [Incl. Photo] (Wed, 2 Jun 1999 10:40:24 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP PKK supports Ocalan's call to end war with Turkey [Incl. Photo] (Wed, 2 Jun 1999 10:31:01 PDT)
[English]Reuters FOCUS-Ocalan's Kurdish rebels support peace bid (Wed 2 Jun 18:44)
[English]Reuters Ocalan's Kurdish Rebels Support Peace Bid (Wed 2 Jun 19:57)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Ocalan blames PKK atrocities on "rebel elements" in the party (Wed, 2 Jun 1999 9:40:19 PDT)
[English]Reuters Ocalan's PKK hit Turkey-Iraq oil pipeline-sources (Wed 2 Jun 17:08)
[English]Reuters Turkey warns of islands confrontation with Greece (Wed 2 Jun 16:50)
[English]ClariNet-AFP PKK supports Ocalan's call to end war with Turkey (Wed, 2 Jun 1999 6:40:18 PDT)
[English]Reuters Kurds hit Turkey-Iraq oil pipeline - sources (Wed 2 Jun 16:36)
[English]Reuters Kurd rebel Ocalan attacks ``manipulative'' Britain (Wed 2 Jun 16:17)
[English]Reuters Greek stocks drop on mild profit-taking (Wed 2 Jun 15:35)
[English]Associated Press Kurdish rebels support peace calls of imprisoned leader (06/02/99 09:40)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Turkey renews call on Greece to cease supporting Kurdish rebels (Wed, 2 Jun 1999 5:40:27 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP More NATO warplanes in Turkey for strikes against Yugoslavia (Wed, 2 Jun 1999 5:40:26 PDT)
[English]Associated Press Kurdish rebel leader fights to avoid the death penalty (06/02/99 01:42)
[English]Associated Press Precede MUDANYA (06/02/99 06:23)
[English]Associated Press Kurdish rebel leader offers surrender during trial in Turkey (06/01/99 12:14)
[English]Associated Press Kurdish rebel leader rejects responsibility for key attacks (06/01/99 16:19)
[English]Associated Press Kurdish rebel leader says he did not order 1993 attack (06/01/99 08:57)
[English]ClariNet-AFP PKK supports Ocalan's call to end war with Turkey (Wed, 2 Jun 1999 4:30:18 PDT)
[English]Reuters Vienna airport hurt by Kosovo crisis, Turkey (Wed 2 Jun 12:22)
[English]Reuters PRESS DIGEST - Cyprus - June 2 (Wed 2 Jun 9:15)
[English]Associated Press Kurdish rebel leader fights to avoid the death penalty (06/02/99 01:42)
[English]The New York Times Kurd Rebel's Offer to Honor Turkish State Perplexes All Sides (Jun. 2)
[English]The Financial Times OTE: Overseas calls lift Greek operator (Jun. 2)
[English]The Daily Telegraph Turks tried to talk me into ceasefire, Ocalan tells court (Jun. 2)
[English]The Washington Post Kurdish Rebel Chief Tells Court of Clandestine Government Peace Moves (Jun. 2)
[English]The Independent All eyes on Turkey [Letter to the Editor] (Jun. 2)
[English]The Independent Monitor [Newspapers about Ocalan] (Jun. 2)
[English]Time Daily Turkey Puts Itself on Trial in Ocalan Case (Jun. 2)
[English]BBC Ocalan: Greeks supplied Kurdish rebels (Jun. 1, 16:44 GMT)
[English]The Sydney Morning Herald Ocalan offers to end Kurds' struggle (Jun. 2)
[English]The Times Ocalan blames his former wife for Olof Palme murder (Jun. 2)
[English]The Irish Times Splinter group may have killed Olof Palme [PKK] (Jun. 2)
[English]Reuters FEATURE - Coffee culture mingles with Cyprus bourse rally (Wed 2 Jun 2:32)
[English]Reuters FUTURE - Turkey nurtures vision of fertile crescent (Wed 2 Jun 5:19)

Thursday, 3 June 1999

[English]Associated Press Youngest son of Greek shipping magnate dead at 37 (06/03/99 19:48)
[English]ClariNet-AP Ocalan Pushes Plea for Turkey Peace (Thu, 3 Jun 1999 16:20:16 PDT)
[English]Associated Press Kurdish rebel pushes for peace, Turkish lawyers demand his death (06/03/99 15:31)
[English]Reuters Reuters Middle East Highlights 1845 GMT June 3 (Thu 3 Jun 21:47)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Ocalan calls on Turkish state to negotiate with PKK (Thu, 3 Jun 1999 11:50:23 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Turkish human rights leader goes to jail on sedition charges (Thu, 3 Jun 1999 11:00:15 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-UPI Ocalan lawyers boycott trial (Thu, 3 Jun 1999 9:30:16 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Ocalan calls on Turkish state to dialogue with PKK (Thu, 3 Jun 1999 9:00:18 PDT)
[English]Reuters FOCUS-Rift seems to emerge between Ocalan and PKK (Thu 3 Jun 19:00)
[English]Reuters Cyprus urges action on missing persons (Thu 3 Jun 18:40)
[English]Reuters Top rights activist enters Turkey jail, urges peace (Thu 3 Jun 18:24)
[English]Associated Press Top Turkish human rights advocate imprisoned (06/03/99 11:10)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Greece tried to stop PKK efforts for peace, Ocalan claims (Thu, 3 Jun 1999 6:40:21 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Ocalan calls on Turkish state to dialogue with PKK (Thu, 3 Jun 1999 5:00:15 PDT)
[English]Reuters Turkey says Kosovo NATO jets to arrive Thursday (Thu 3 Jun 13:29)
[English]Reuters Ocalan Lawyers Boycott Trial, Cite Intimidation (Thu 3 Jun 13:00)
[English]Reuters PRESS DIGEST - Turkey - June 3 (Thu 3 Jun 10:46)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Two injured in bomb attack on Istanbul bar (Thu, 3 Jun 1999 2:00:13 PDT)
[English]Reuters PRESS DIGEST - Cyprus - June 3 (Thu 3 Jun 9:46)
[English]The New York Times Rebel Kurds Back Leader in Peace Offer to the Turks (Jun. 3)
[English]The Financial Times Turkey: PKK backs Ocalan's offer (Jun. 3)
[English]BBC Face to face with Ocalan (Jun. 2, 23:01 GMT)
[English]CNN CNN - Ocalan tells Turkey: Take peace initiative seriously - June 2, 1999 (Jun 03)
[English]BBC BBC News | Europe | Ocalan judge moved to tears (Jun 02)
[English]Milliyet Foreign Ministry starts probe (Jun. 3)
[English]The Independent PKK still backs Ocalan Kurds 'ready to fight on' (Jun. 3)
[English]The Times Turkey and Kurdish separatism [Letter to the Editor] (Jun. 3)
[English]The Times Ocalan claims Britain made use of Kurds (Jun. 3)
[English]Reuters FEATURE - Tigris waters rise up against ancient town (Thu 3 Jun 5:18)
[English]PR Newswire U.S. Bookings to Greece Holding Despite Kosovo; European Travel to Greece to Surpass 1998 (Thu 3 Jun 2:41)

Friday, 4 June 1999

[English]ClariNet-AFP Turkey sees no grounds to improve frosty ties with EU (Fri, 4 Jun 1999 14:20:15 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP New Turkish government tough on Kurdish rebels (Fri, 4 Jun 1999 14:10:13 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP International community still serious about Cyprus: source (Fri, 4 Jun 1999 13:40:18 PDT)
[English]Associated Press Court rejects Ocalan request to question former prime ministers (06/04/99 15:16)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Turkey warns of "countermeasures" if Cyprus deploys Italian missiles (Fri, 4 Jun 1999 12:00:17 PDT)
[English]Reuters Turkish Judge Adjourns Ocalan Trial After Outbursts (Fri 4 Jun 21:08)
[English]Reuters Cyprus in fiscal discipline drive to cut deficit (Fri 4 Jun 19:49)
[English]Reuters Europe pulls back from Turkey embrace -- again (Fri 4 Jun 19:48)
[English]ClariNet-AP Outburst Interrupts Ocalan Trial (Fri, 4 Jun 1999 10:10:40 PDT)
[English]Reuters FOCUS-Ocalan trial adjourns in angry court scenes (Fri 4 Jun 19:38)
[English]Reuters Turkey urges Greece not to support Ocalan's rebels (Fri 4 Jun 18:44)
[English]Associated Press Ocalan hearing adjourned after stormy session (06/04/99 11:52)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Violent courtroom protests in Ocalan treason trial (Fri, 4 Jun 1999 8:50:27 PDT)
[English]Reuters EMERGING MARKETS-Balkan investment boom some way off (Fri 4 Jun 18:06)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Bicycle thief puts an end to disabled Greek's odyssey (Fri, 4 Jun 1999 7:00:22 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Ocalan trial adjourned until Tuesday (Fri, 4 Jun 1999 6:50:27 PDT)
[English]Reuters Turkey confident can handle emerging market crises (Fri 4 Jun 16:05)
[English]Reuters FOCUS-Turkey pledges reform, lower inflation (Fri 4 Jun 16:04)
[English]BBC Two killed in failed consulate attack (Jun. 4)
[English]The Washington Times KLA buys arms with illicit funds (Jun. 4)
[English]Reuters FOCUS-Turkey sees govt stability boosting economy (Fri 4 Jun 13:25)
[English]Reuters Rallying-Auriol and Makinen fight for lead in Greece (Fri 4 Jun 13:23)
[English]Reuters Turkey sees political stability -2 (Fri 4 Jun 12:26)
[English]Reuters Mothers mourn sons lost in Turkey's guerrilla war (Fri 4 Jun 12:16)
[English]Reuters Turkey urges rapid Kosovo peace plan implementation (Fri 4 Jun 11:57)
[English]Reuters PRESS DIGEST - Turkey - June 4 (Fri 4 Jun 10:51)
[English]Reuters PRESS DIGEST - Cyprus - June 4 (Fri 4 Jun 9:02)
[English]Associated Press Kurdish rebel pushes for peace (06/04/99 03:27)
[English]The Washington Post Text of Accord Ratified by Serbs (Jun. 4)
[English]The Daily Telegraph Activist jailed for urging Kurdish peace (Jun. 4)
[English]BBC Ocalan pleads for mercy (Jun. 4)
[English]The New York Times Top Activist for Rights in Turkey Is Imprisoned (Jun. 4)
[English]BBC BBC News | Europe | Europe agrees military co-operation plan (Jun 03)
[English]BBC BBC News | Europe | Human rights campaigner jailed in Turkey (Jun 03)
[English]The Boston Globe Collateral Damage: Tourism (Jun. 3)
[English]Reuters Monday, July 12 (Fri 4 Jun 5:15)

Saturday, 5 June 1999

[English]Associated Press Turkish leftist group claims foiled attack on U.S consulate (06/05/99 19:54)
[English]Associated Press Turkish premier criticizes Europe, Greece after EU summit (06/05/99 19:52)
[English]Reuters Soccer-Turkey fight back to beat Finland 4-2 (Sat 5 Jun 21:54)
[English]ClariNet-AFP More than 1,000 Kurds demonstrate for Ocalan in Beirut (Sat, 5 Jun 1999 7:30:14 PDT)
[English]Reuters Soccer-European Championship standings/fixtures (Sat 5 Jun 14:20)
[English]Reuters PRESS DIGEST - Turkey - June 5 (Sat 5 Jun 10:53)
[English]Milliyet Provocation [Greece] (Jun. 5)
[English]British Foreign Office Travel Advice: Turkey (Jun. 4)
[English]Milliyet Turkey once more dissappointed [EU-Turkey] (Jun. 5)
[English]The Irish Times Trial of Abdullah Ocalan [Letter to the Editor] (Jun. 5)
[English]The Times False leg brandished at Ocalan (Jun. 5)
[English]Arabic News Fair for Turkish products to be held in Bahrain during September (Jun. 4)
[English]Arabic News Symposium in Athens to discuss investment in Egypt (Jun. 4)
[English]BBC BBC News | Europe | EU opposes German proposal on Turkey (Jun 04)
[English]BBC BBC News | Europe | High drama at Ocalan trial (Jun 04)

Sunday, 6 June 1999

[English]Reuters FEATURE - Conflict, smuggling choke Turkish livestock (Mon 7 Jun 2:31)
[English]ClariNet-AP Kurds Warn About Ocalan's Fate (Sun, 6 Jun 1999 14:46:43 PDT)
[English]Associated Press Turkish leftist group claims foiled attack on U.S consulate (06/05/99 19:54)
[English]Associated Press Turkish premier criticizes Europe, Greece after EU summit (06/05/99 19:52)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Ocalan's lawyers criticise Turkish press (Sun, 6 Jun 1999 6:50:14 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP 20 Kurdish rebels, soldier killed in Turkey (Sun, 6 Jun 1999 6:30:25 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP 20 Kurdish rebels, soldier killed in Turkey (Sun, 6 Jun 1999 3:40:07 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Ecevit accuses EU of bowing to Greek demands (Sun, 6 Jun 1999 3:00:14 PDT)
[English]Reuters PRESS DIGEST - Turkey - June 6 (Sun 6 Jun 10:18)
[English]Reuters Turkish PM Ecevit criticises Greek role in EU (Sun 6 Jun 10:18)
[English]Reuters FEATURE - Turks torn over Islamic headscarf (Sun 6 Jun 5:16)

Monday, 7 June 1999

[English]ClariNet-AFP NATO moving military equipment through Greece at night: source (Mon, 7 Jun 1999 17:00:15 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Marines put off planned landing in Greece [Incl. Photo] (Mon, 7 Jun 1999 15:30:15 PDT)
[English]Associated Press Kurdish rebels threaten renewed war if their leader is executed (06/07/99 17:54)
[English]ClariNet-AFP PKK's armed wing warns Turkey not to execute Ocalan (Mon, 7 Jun 1999 14:00:19 PDT)
[English]Reuters U.S. soft-pedals spat with Greece over Marines (Mon 7 Jun 23:28)
[English]Reuters Cypriots rally against NATO in low-key protest (Mon 7 Jun 22:38)
[English]ClariNet-AFP PKK's armed wing warns Turkey not to execute Ocalan (Mon, 7 Jun 1999 13:00:17 PDT)
[English]Reuters FOCUS-Kurd rebels warn Turkey not to hang Ocalan (Mon 7 Jun 21:48)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Marines put off planned landing in Greece (Mon, 7 Jun 1999 12:10:22 PDT)
[English]Reuters Kurdish rebels warn Turkey not to hang Ocalan (Mon 7 Jun 21:19)
[English]ClariNet-UPI Generals deny talking with Kurd rebels (Mon, 7 Jun 1999 10:20:34 PDT)
[English]Reuters Child, Greek man kidnapped in southern Albania (Mon 7 Jun 19:28)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Chinese offers solid support to Cyprus at UN in summit talks (Mon, 7 Jun 1999 9:10:36 PDT)
[English]Associated Press Precede ISTANBUL (06/07/99 11:34)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Georgian, Abkhazian delegations resume peace talks in Istanbul (Mon, 7 Jun 1999 8:00:23 PDT)
[English]Reuters Kosovo-bound U.S. marines stranded off Greece (Mon 7 Jun 16:53)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Turkey probes police phone-tap scandal (Mon, 7 Jun 1999 6:30:34 PDT)
[English]Reuters ANALYSIS-Turkish reforms vital for economic goals (Mon 7 Jun 16:30)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Turkish army denies contact with PKK, says fight will continue (Mon, 7 Jun 1999 6:20:32 PDT)
[English]Reuters Cyprus widens Belgian food ban to dairy,pork, beef (Mon 7 Jun 14:00)
[English]Reuters FOCUS-Turkey sees further growth slowdown in 1999 (Mon 7 Jun 13:03)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Kurd rebel leader to sue countries which refused him shelter (Mon, 7 Jun 1999 4:30:18 PDT)
[English]Associated Press Ocalan's lawyers say court is repressing the defense (06/07/99 05:49)
[English]Reuters PRESS DIGEST - Turkey - June 7 (Mon 7 Jun 10:11)
[English]Reuters PRESS DIGEST - Cyprus - June 7 (Mon 7 Jun 9:20)
[English]The Washington Post Turkey's Kurdish Opening [Editorial] (Jun. 7)
[English]BBC BBC News | Europe | Ocalan lawyers complain of bias, harassment (Jun 06)
[English]BBC BBC News | Europe | Hatred for Ocalan runs high (Jun 06)
[English]BBC 'No justice for Ocalan' (Jun. 6)
[English]The Independent on Sunday Ocalan on trial, in a box, on ghost island (Jun. 6)

Tuesday, 8 June 1999

[English]Associated Press Turkish prosecutors seek death penalty for Ocalan (06/08/99 14:53)
[English]Reuters Soccer-Yugoslavia beat Malta 4-1 in Euro qualifier (Tue 8 Jun 23:00)
[English]Reuters FOCUS-Turkish prosecutors demand hanging for Ocalan (Tue 8 Jun 20:22)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Senior Turkish police officers suspendend over phone-tap scandal (Tue, 8 Jun 1999 9:20:20 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Greece urges peace accord now, pledges peacekeepers for Kosovo (Tue, 8 Jun 1999 9:20:19 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-UPI Prosecutors repeat death penalty demand (Tue, 8 Jun 1999 8:20:25 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Prosecutors press case for death penalty for Ocalan (Tue, 8 Jun 1999 7:50:20 PDT)
[English]Reuters Cyprus aims to boost tourism sharply by 2010 (Tue 8 Jun 18:36)
[English]Reuters Cyprus gives imported animal feed all-clear (Tue 8 Jun 17:36)
[English]Reuters Cyprus joins non-EU rush to issue bonds in euros (Tue 8 Jun 15:18)
[English]Reuters Prosecution Demands Ocalan Hanged For Treason (Tue 8 Jun 14:13)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Ocalan trial adjourned as prosecutors renew death sentence call (Tue, 8 Jun 1999 4:50:15 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Denktash announces candidacy for 2000 presidential elections (Tue, 8 Jun 1999 3:50:16 PDT)
[English]Reuters PRESS DIGEST - Turkey - June 8 (Tue 8 Jun 11:02)
[English]Associated Press Turkish prosecutors push for death penalty for Ocalan (06/08/99 04:44)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Ocalan trial resumes after three-day adjournment (Tue, 8 Jun 1999 2:30:06 PDT)
[English]The Financial Times Greece: It's the war, stupid (Jun. 8)
[English]The Financial Times Greece: Alki Securities suspended (Jun. 8)
[English]Reuters Turkish prosecutors sum up Ocalan treason charges (Tue 8 Jun 10:31)
[English]Reuters PRESS DIGEST - Cyprus - June 8 (Tue 8 Jun 9:44)
[English]The Economist Turkey, Too, Is on Trial (Jun. 8)
[English]BBC Kurd leader trial resumes in Turkey (Jun. 8, 3:42 GMT)
[English]The Irish Times Search for 'disappeared' in Cyprus mirrors Ireland (Jun. 8)
[English]The Irish Times Serbs are being asked to ethnically cleanse region of themselves (Jun. 8)
[English]IPS Rights-Turkey: Ocalan's Trial Perplexes Everybody (Jun. 6)
[English]BBC PKK warns Turkey over Ocalan (Jun. 7, 21:32 GMT)
[English]The Guardian Ocalan's fate puts Turks to civil rights test (Jun. 5)
[English]Reuters Schedule of forthcoming political and general news events (Tue 8 Jun 5:09)

Wednesday, 9 June 1999

[English]Reuters Soccer-Collated Euro championship qualifying results/standings (Thu 10 Jun 1:45)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Turkish mafia boss wants to go home (Wed, 9 Jun 1999 14:30:18 PDT)
[English]Reuters Soccer-Latvia upset Greece 2-1 with late penalty (Wed 9 Jun 23:51)
[English]Reuters Italy leftist warns Turkey not to execute Ocalan (Wed 9 Jun 23:50)
[English]Reuters Soccer-Netherlands beat Cyprus 5-1 in Euro under-21 qualifier (Wed 9 Jun 23:20)
[English]Reuters Turk PM Ecevit says able to reform Ocalan court (Wed 9 Jun 22:59)
[English]Associated Press Parliament gives support to Turkish coalition government (06/09/99 15:15)
[English]Reuters Azeri leader returns home, health doubts remain (Wed 9 Jun 20:42)
[English]Associated Press Starving Belgrade zoo bears to be evacuated to northern Greece (06/09/99 13:01)
[English]Reuters Greece confiscates 2,000 tonnes of Belgian food (Wed 9 Jun 19:55)
[English]Reuters INTERVIEW-Turkey wants Greek anti-rebel deal (Wed 9 Jun 19:44)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Aliyev leaves for Baku after recuperative visit in Turkey (Wed, 9 Jun 1999 9:30:15 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-UPI Turkish leader wins confidence vote (Wed, 9 Jun 1999 8:50:24 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP New Turkish government backed by parliament (Wed, 9 Jun 1999 8:50:23 PDT)
[English]Reuters Not all will be identified in Cyprus exhumations (Wed 9 Jun 18:35)
[English]ClariNet-AFP ANKARA, June 9 (AFP) - The new three-party government of Turkish (Wed, 9 Jun 1999 7:40:33 PDT)
[English]Reuters Turkic summit put off after Aliyev surgery (Wed 9 Jun 17:20)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Ocalan's lawyers insist rebel leader wants peace (Wed, 9 Jun 1999 6:50:26 PDT)
[English]Reuters FOCUS-Turk premier Ecevit wins confidence vote (Wed 9 Jun 16:31)
[English]Reuters ANALYSIS-Turk manufacturing woes may prove healthy (Wed 9 Jun 15:57)
[English]Reuters Greek stocks end flat despite bank buyout hype (Wed 9 Jun 15:33)
[English]Reuters Turkish bottlers Anadolu Cam, Topkapi Sise to merge (Wed 9 Jun 15:06)
[English]Associated Press Turkish coalition government wins confidence vote in parliament (06/09/99 08:59)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Police chief on leave as Turkey probes phone-tap claims (Wed, 9 Jun 1999 5:40:31 PDT)
[English]Reuters Ocalan's lawyers complain of insults, threats (Wed 9 Jun 14:30)
[English]Reuters Greece bars passage of US marines until peace deal (Wed 9 Jun 12:38)
[English]Reuters Turkish party strengths ahead of confidence vote (Wed 9 Jun 11:57)
[English]Reuters Turkish government set to clear confidence hurdle (Wed 9 Jun 11:52)
[English]Reuters Quake shakes Larnaca area of Cyprus (Wed 9 Jun 11:09)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Deutsche Bank buys stake in Greek bank (Wed, 9 Jun 1999 2:20:10 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Two lightly injured in bomb attack in Istanbul (Wed, 9 Jun 1999 1:30:07 PDT)
[English]Reuters PRESS DIGEST - Turkey - June 9 (Wed 9 Jun 10:14)
[English]Reuters PRESS DIGEST - Cyprus - June 9 (Wed 9 Jun 9:58)
[English]Stratfor Of G-8, Rambouillet, Compromise and Surrender (Jun. 7)
[English]The Washington Post B-52 Strike Devastates Field Force In Kosovo (Jun. 9)
[English]The Irish Times Military court hears call for Ocalan execution (Jun. 9)
[English]The Washington Post Turkey Requests Death by Hanging For Rebel Kurd (Jun. 9)
[English]BBC Police chief suspended in phone-tap scandal [Turkey] (Jun. 8, 23:28 GMT)
[English]BBC Ocalan - new execution demand (Jun. 8, 9:44 GMT)
[English]CNN Turkish prosecutors rest case, demand that Ocalan hang (Jun. 8, 9:52 EDT)
[English]The Guardian Prosecutors push hard for Kurdish rebel's death (Jun. 8)
[English]The Independent A futile war [Letters to the Editor] (Jun. 9)
[English]The International Herald Tribune Greece Keeps Up a Delicate Balancing Act Over NATO Campaign (Jun. 9)

Thursday, 10 June 1999

[English]Reuters U.N. complains of ``provocative acts'' in Cyprus (Fri 11 Jun 2:12)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Kosovo war cost Greece more than 300 million euros: official (Thu, 10 Jun 1999 14:00:27 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-UPI Turkey: We look good in COE report (Thu, 10 Jun 1999 13:00:17 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Cyprus hails Kosovo peace accord (Thu, 10 Jun 1999 11:40:17 PDT)
[English]Reuters Reuters Middle East Highlights 1830 GMT June 10 (Thu 10 Jun 21:31)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Turkey hopes for "lasting" peace in Kosovo (Thu, 10 Jun 1999 10:00:19 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Greek FM to meet Milosevic in Belgrade on Friday (Thu, 10 Jun 1999 9:20:17 PDT)
[English]Reuters Kurd group to meet on Ocalan offer of Turkey talks (Thu 10 Jun 19:16)
[English]Reuters Cyprus protests at Pakistani visit to north (Thu 10 Jun 19:06)
[English]Reuters G8 tries to give Cyprus peace settlement a push (Thu 10 Jun 18:19)
[English]Reuters Pit yields ancient tomb in Cyprus British base (Thu 10 Jun 18:12)
[English]Reuters Kurdish television back on air after British ban (Thu 10 Jun 17:54)
[English]Reuters Turk commission chief says Ocalan court reform soon (Thu 10 Jun 17:23)
[English]Reuters Half Turkey's 99 sell-offs to be delayed till 2000 (Thu 10 Jun 17:16)
[English]Reuters Greek stocks end lower in pre-election caution (Thu 10 Jun 16:12)
[English]Reuters Turkey insists on candidacy for better EU ties (Thu 10 Jun 15:39)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Ten Kurdish rebels, 2 village guards killed in fighting in Turkey (Thu, 10 Jun 1999 5:30:21 PDT)
[English]Reuters U.S. Marines Face Anti-NATO Protest In Greece (Thu 10 Jun 14:05)
[English]Reuters FOCUS-Marines face anti-NATO protest in Greece (Thu 10 Jun 14:02)
[English]Reuters NICOSIA, June 10 - The Cyprus Popular Bank (Thu 10 Jun 13:47)
[English]Reuters Turkey says 10 Ocalan rebels, two militiamen killed (Thu 10 Jun 13:40)
[English]Reuters Turkish cenbank keeps funding, yields steady (Thu 10 Jun 12:55)
[English]ClariNet-AFP US soldiers for Kosovo set off over land from Greece to Macedonia (Thu, 10 Jun 1999 4:20:25 PDT)
[English]Reuters PRESS DIGEST - Cyprus - June 10 (Thu 10 Jun 12:07)
[English]Reuters PRESS DIGEST - Turkey - June 10 (Thu 10 Jun 11:09)
[English]Reuters ANALYSIS-Too early to see Turk inflation downtrend (Thu 10 Jun 10:49)
[English]Reuters Reuters World News Digest at 0530 GMT, Jun 10 (Thu 10 Jun 9:32)
[English]ClariNet-AFP US soldiers for Kosovo land in Greece (Wed, 9 Jun 1999 23:50:14 PDT)
[English]CNN First U.S. Marines land in Greece (Jun. 10, 1:30 EDT)
[English]Reuters FOCUS-U.S. marines land in Greece on way to Kosovo (Thu 10 Jun 7:55)
[English]Reuters U.S. Marines Land In Greece On Way To Kosovo (Thu 10 Jun 8:48)
[English]Reuters U.S. Marines Land In Greece On Way To Kosovo (Thu 10 Jun 7:44)
[English]Business Wire Announcement From Turkcell (Thu 10 Jun 0:33)
[English]Reuters Earth tremour shakes Cyprus, no injuries or damage (Wed 9 Jun 4:05)
[English]Reuters Soccer-Greece 1 Latvia 2 - result (Wed 9 Jun 23:29)
[English]Reuters Reuters Middle East Highlights 1830 GMT June 9 (Wed 9 Jun 22:02)
[English]Reuters Soccer-Greece v Latvia teams (Wed 9 Jun 20:55)
[English]Reuters FOCUS-Ergobank buyout bid sets Greek banks trend (Wed 9 Jun 18:16)
[English]Reuters The coalition is widely seen by financial markets as key to (Wed 9 Jun 15:40)
[English]Reuters Aliyev leaves Turkey for Azerbaijan (Wed 9 Jun 15:01)
[English]Reuters Turkey delays EU health rules for food firms (Wed 9 Jun 12:34)
[English]Associated Press First U.S. Marines come ashore in Greece (06/10/99 00:56)
[English]BBC Council of Europe criticises Turkey (Jun. 9, 15:05 GMT)
[English]The Financial Times Delays to reform in Cyprus may lead to harsher tax decisions (Jun. 9)
[English]The Financial Times Greece: Party bids to break mould (Jun. 9)
[English]The Financial Times Turkey: Prosecutors seek death penalty for Ocalan (Jun. 9)
[English]AFP European Rights Council Faults Turkey on Abuses (Jun. 10)
[English]The International Herald Tribune Universal Principle? [Letter to the Editor] (Jun. 10)
[English]The Financial Times Shipping: Ferries capitalise on Greek shake-up (Jun. 10)
[English]Associated Press First U.S. marines come ashore in Greece (06/09/99 23:47)

Friday, 11 June 1999

[English]ClariNet-AFP Papandreou urges Belgrade to turn towards Europe (Fri, 11 Jun 1999 15:00:18 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Clinton invites Turkish premier Ecevit to Washington (Fri, 11 Jun 1999 11:50:16 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Nine Kurdish rebels, three Turkish soldiers killed in fighting (Fri, 11 Jun 1999 11:00:13 PDT)
[English]Reuters EU slams Turkish rights activist's jail sentence (Fri 11 Jun 20:23)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Cyprus hails G8 call for unconditional negotations with breakaway north (Fri, 11 Jun 1999 10:30:13 PDT)
[English]Associated Press U.S. journalist stands trial in Turkey for insulting military (06/11/99 12:31)
[English]Reuters U.S. invites Turkish PM Ecevit to visit-agency (Fri 11 Jun 19:25)
[English]Reuters Cyprus says ready to talk without preconditions (Fri 11 Jun 17:54)
[English]Reuters Turkey says G8 Cyprus talks proposal no help (Fri 11 Jun 16:54)
[English]Reuters INTERVIEW-Turkey's Sabanci sees 99 sales up 20 percent (Fri 11 Jun 16:40)
[English]Reuters Turk headscarf deputy seeks to regain citizenship (Fri 11 Jun 16:03)
[English]Reuters Greek stocks end mixed, on stand by for elections (Fri 11 Jun 14:57)
[English]ClariNet-AFP British KFOR soldiers arrive in Salonika (Fri, 11 Jun 1999 5:30:21 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Greek FM arrives in Belgrade (Fri, 11 Jun 1999 5:00:22 PDT)
[English]Reuters Turkish president urges Serbs to rejoin Europe (Fri 11 Jun 14:35)
[English]Reuters Strong earthquake jolts western Greece, no injuries (Fri 11 Jun 14:06)
[English]Reuters FOCUS-Kurd rebels warn ``total war'' if Ocalan hangs (Fri 11 Jun 13:36)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Nine Kurdish rebels, three Turkish soldiers killed in fighting (Fri, 11 Jun 1999 4:00:08 PDT)
[English]Reuters Kurd rebels warn of ``total war'' if Ocalan hanged (Fri 11 Jun 11:54)
[English]Reuters PRESS DIGEST - Turkey - June 11 (Fri 11 Jun 10:28)
[English]Reuters PRESS DIGEST - Cyprus - June 11 (Fri 11 Jun 10:09)
[English]The New York Times NATO Expects Separate Kosovo, Without Yugoslav Police or Taxes (Jun. 11)
[English]Arabic News Turkey fears Israel having peace with Syria (Jun. 9)
[English]Arabic News Turkey to produce Israeli missiles (Jun. 10)
[English]The Transnational Foundation The Horrendous Price of G8 Peace! (Jun. 9)
[English]The Irish Times Hostility greets US troops crossing Greece (Jun. 11)
[English]IFEX CPJ protests arrest, prosecution of journalist [Turkey] (Jun. 9)
[English]Reuters Schedule of forthcoming political and general news events (Fri 11 Jun 5:09)

Saturday, 12 June 1999

[English]Associated Press Kurds stage protest rally in Cyprus over Ocalan (06/12/99 11:17)
[English]Associated Press Turkish soldiers kill 11 Kurdish rebels (06/12/99 10:51)
[English]Reuters Turkey says 12 dead in Kurdish guerrilla clash (Sat 12 Jun 11:53)
[English]Reuters PRESS DIGEST - Turkey - June 12 (Sat 12 Jun 9:55)
[English]CNN Russian troops enter Kosovo; Moscow orders them to leave (Jun. 11, 22:32 EDT)

Sunday, 13 June 1999

[English]ClariNet-AFP British warship arrives in Greece with tanks for Kosovo (Sun, 13 Jun 1999 15:00:16 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Clinton and Greek premier discuss Kosovo (Sun, 13 Jun 1999 14:40:17 PDT)
[English]Reuters Conservatives lead Greece's European voting (Sun 13 Jun 23:41)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Greek right-wing opposition winner of EU vote: exit polls (Sun, 13 Jun 1999 12:10:14 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP CNN and Turkish media group to launch new TV channel (Sun, 13 Jun 1999 8:00:08 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Cyprus says China supports it on reunification (Sun, 13 Jun 1999 6:00:11 PDT)
[English]Reuters PRESS DIGEST - Turkey - June 13 (Sun 13 Jun 9:42)
[English]The New York Times The Spark of Hope in an Ancient Hate [Greece-Turkey] (Jun. 13)
[English]The Irish Times Crisis in the Balkans [Letter to the Editor] (Jun. 12)
[English]BBC EU portrait: Greece - security and the single currency (Jun. 10, 9:35 GMT)
[English]BBC Serbia prepares for the rebuild (Jun. 11, 21:28 GMT)

Monday, 14 June 1999

[English]ClariNet-AFP Turkish Kurd jailed for entering Cyprus illegally (Mon, 14 Jun 1999 16:00:18 PDT)
[English]Associated Press Turkish parliament takes step toward removing military from courts (06/14/99 17:24)
[English]Reuters FOCUS-Greek stocks unbruised by election outcome (Mon 14 Jun 19:03)
[English]Reuters Edip to meet target via exports (Mon 14 Jun 19:00)
[English]Reuters Turkish shares fall amid rising interest rates (Mon 14 Jun 17:13)
[English]Reuters FOCUS-Turk assembly to debate Ocalan court change (Mon 14 Jun 17:05)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Greek conservatives win Euro-poll (Mon, 14 Jun 1999 6:00:19 PDT)
[English]Reuters INTERVIEW-Turks need bold plan to attract capital (Mon 14 Jun 16:16)
[English]Reuters Greek stocks end down, indifferent on elections (Mon 14 Jun 15:18)
[English]Reuters Reuters Middle East Highlights 1230 GMT June 14 (Mon 14 Jun 14:42)
[English]Reuters Kosovo refugees top NATO celebrations with wedding (Mon 14 Jun 13:43)
[English]Reuters Kurd PKK sympathiser jailed in Cyprus (Mon 14 Jun 13:27)
[English]Reuters Turkish MPs discuss Ocalan court change (Mon 14 Jun 12:41)
[English]The Irish Times Trial of Abdullah Ocalan [Letter to the Editor] (Jun. 14)
[English]Reuters PRESS DIGEST - Turkey - June 14 (Mon 14 Jun 10:00)
[English]Reuters PRESS DIGEST - Cyprus - June 14 (Mon 14 Jun 9:42)
[English]BBC BBC News | News | Centre-right hails Euro triumph (Jun 14)
[English]BBC BBC News | Europe | Turkey to reform overcrowded prisons (Jun 14)
[English]Associated Press Ocalan trial shows Turkey's nationalist passions (06/14/99 01:36)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Greek Socialists concede defeat in Euro poll (Sun, 13 Jun 1999 18:00:11 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP British warship arrives in Greece with tanks for Kosovo (Sun, 13 Jun 1999 17:20:12 PDT)

Tuesday, 15 June 1999

[English]Reuters FOCUS-Turk MPs in first step on Ocalan court reform (Wed 16 Jun 0:14)
[English]PR Newswire Additional Gold Mineralization Discovered at the Milos Gold Project; Resource Estimate (Tue 15 Jun 22:08)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Cyprus to determine fate of disgraced bishop next week (Tue, 15 Jun 1999 12:20:30 PDT)
[English]Reuters Ocalan urges Kurd supporters to 'understand' him (Tue 15 Jun 21:16)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Turkish parliament debates changes to state security courts (Tue, 15 Jun 1999 10:00:23 PDT)
[English]Associated Press Turkish parliament debates removing military judge from Ocalan court (06/15/99 12:41)
[English]Reuters Turkish shares down three percent as IMF visits (Tue 15 Jun 18:24)
[English]Associated Press Thieves steal then return relic (06/15/99 11:59)
[English]Reuters Turks say Pakistan private wheat ban may raise sales (Tue 15 Jun 18:17)
[English]Reuters Turkey's Uki set for capacity increase (Tue 15 Jun 18:09)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Conference on Iran's future in Cyprus (Tue, 15 Jun 1999 7:40:24 PDT)
[English]Reuters Greek stocks end down, banks still under pressure (Tue 15 Jun 17:07)
[English]Reuters Iran Kurdish MPs want Turkey out of Islamic group (Tue 15 Jun 16:27)
[English]Reuters Summer storm causes flood chaos in Cyprus (Tue 15 Jun 16:17)
[English]Reuters Top Turkish body approves four power grid deals (Tue 15 Jun 15:37)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Turkish president to visit Moldavia (Tue, 15 Jun 1999 6:00:28 PDT)
[English]Reuters FOCUS-Turk 1999 budget gap seen at least $20 bln (Tue 15 Jun 14:42)
[English]Reuters IMF begins Turkey visit amid financial accord hope (Tue 15 Jun 12:39)
[English]Reuters Greek NATO contingent heads for Kosovo (Tue 15 Jun 12:38)
[English]Reuters Turkish deputies to vote on Ocalan court reform (Tue 15 Jun 12:36)
[English]Reuters PRESS DIGEST - Cyprus - June 15 (Tue 15 Jun 9:30)
[English]The Financial Times Greece: Small leftwing parties gain (Jun. 15)
[English]The Financial Times European voters reject 'third way' (Jun. 15)
[English]British Foreign Office Travel Advice: Greece (Jun. 14)
[English]Reuters Schedule of political and general news events (Tue 15 Jun 4:06)

Wednesday, 16 June 1999

[English]Reuters Turkey's Ecevit tells G8 to leave Cyprus alone (Wed 16 Jun 21:26)
[English]PR Newswire DCR Evaluates Turkey's Current Economic Environment (Wed 16 Jun 19:19)
[English]Reuters Turkish shares lower as confidence in govt wanes (Wed 16 Jun 17:47)
[English]Reuters Coca-Cola Beverages, Hellenic plan to merge (Wed 16 Jun 15:57)
[English]Reuters Greek stocks end mixed, banks stage late comeback (Wed 16 Jun 15:29)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Coca Cola bottler looks for Greek link (Wed, 16 Jun 1999 6:20:33 PDT)
[English]Reuters FOCUS-Turkey sets out ambitious reform targets (Wed 16 Jun 14:17)
[English]Reuters FOCUS-Coca-Cola Beverages, Hellenic plan to merge (Wed 16 Jun 13:26)
[English]Reuters Turkey sets out structural reform plans -2 (Wed 16 Jun 12:51)
[English]Reuters Turkey sets out structural reform plans (Wed 16 Jun 12:15)
[English]BBC Greek ship intercepted in Turkish waters (Jun. 16, 5:11 GMT)
[English]BBC Turkish parliament supporting court reform (Jun. 16, 4:02 GMT)
[English]The Financial Times Greece: Ergobank to fight Eurobank bid (Jun. 16)
[English]International Herald Tribune Kosovo: Give Religious Moderates a Voice (Jun. 16)
[English]Reuters PRESS DIGEST - Turkey - June 16 (Wed 16 Jun 10:05)
[English]Reuters PRESS DIGEST - Cyprus - June 16 (Wed 16 Jun 9:14)
[English]Arabic News Egypt represents Mediterranean countries in international conference in Turkey (Jun. 15)
[English]BBC Greek troops in Kosovo (Jun. 15, 20:32 GMT)

Thursday, 17 June 1999

[English]ClariNet-AFP Cyprus's drive to join EU to cost nearly a billion dollars (Thu, 17 Jun 1999 15:40:12 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Greek Cypriots bristle at US "meddling" over Kosovo policy (Thu, 17 Jun 1999 14:20:18 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Turkey says Cyprus problem has been resolved (Thu, 17 Jun 1999 12:10:19 PDT)
[English]Reuters G8 to throw weight behind Cyprus talks (Thu 17 Jun 20:52)
[English]Reuters Ocalan's defence re-urges peace for Kurd conflict (Thu 17 Jun 20:41)
[English]Reuters U.S. rebuff to criticism on Kosovo irks Cypriots (Thu 17 Jun 19:56)
[English]PR Newswire Cyprus Amax Minerals Declares Common and Preferred Stock Dividends (Thu 17 Jun 18:33)
[English]Reuters FOCUS-IMF says too early for new Turkey accord (Thu 17 Jun 17:52)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Kurdish mayor seeks peaceful coexistence with Turkish authorities (Thu, 17 Jun 1999 8:00:28 PDT)
[English]Reuters FOCUS-21 rebels, 4 Turkish soldiers die in clashes (Thu 17 Jun 17:06)
[English]Reuters Greek stocks reverse firm open to end lower (Thu 17 Jun 16:29)
[English]Reuters FOCUS-21 rebels, four Turkish soldiers killed (Thu 17 Jun 15:38)
[English]PR Newswire Holland America Line Welcomes Travelers Back to Europe With Free or Reduced Airfare, (Thu 17 Jun 16:17)
[English]Reuters Reuters Middle East Highlights 1130 GMT June 17 (Thu 17 Jun 14:42)
[English]Reuters Turkey's PM says sees modest IMF funds in talks (Thu 17 Jun 14:33)
[English]Reuters Raymond James sets up brokerage in Turkey (Thu 17 Jun 13:57)
[English]Reuters Turkish economy seen recovering by fourth quarter 1999 (Thu 17 Jun 13:25)
[English]Reuters Cyprus says EU drive to cost it 946 mln euros (Thu 17 Jun 13:23)
[English]Reuters INTERVIEW-U.S. group sees Turkmen pipeline ready by 2002 (Thu 17 Jun 13:22)
[English]PR Newswire Windstar Entices North Americans to Cruise Europe After Kosovo Resolution (Thu 17 Jun 13:16)
[English]The Financial Times Coca-Cola Bottling/Hellenic: Paper Offer (Jun. 17)
[English]The Financial Times Coca-Cola Beverages talking to Hellenic (Jun. 17)
[English]Milliyet Ecevit calls Athens to dialog (Jun. 17)
[English]International Herald Tribune Greek Suitor Near Deal for Coke Bottler (Jun. 17)
[English]The Independent Coca-Cola Beverages in 4.3bn merger talks (Jun. 17)
[English]Reuters INTERVIEW-Turkey seeks tourism boost after Ocalan (Thu 17 Jun 12:38)
[English]Reuters Turk army kills 19 Ocalan rebels, four troops dead (Thu 17 Jun 11:49)
[English]Reuters INTERVIEW-Turk Korfez sees July syndication deal (Thu 17 Jun 11:45)
[English]Reuters Turk PM sees few hopes of IMF funds as talks start (Thu 17 Jun 11:00)
[English]Business Wire bebe stores, inc. Announces Store Plans for Greece (Thu 17 Jun 12:02)
[English]Associated Press Turkish soldiers kill 19 Kurdish rebels (06/17/99 04:43)
[English]Reuters PRESS DIGEST - Cyprus - June 17 (Thu 17 Jun 9:54)
[English]Reuters PRESS DIGEST - Turkey - June 17 (Thu 17 Jun 9:37)
[English]BBC Building a nationalist fortress [Marriage on Plati] (Jun. 16, 19:08 GMT)
[English]Associated Press Cash vanishes en route from Greek holiday island (06/16/99 22:32)

Friday, 18 June 1999

[English]The Los Angeles Times In Turkey, Phone Users Fear Big Brother May Be Listening (Jun. 18)
[English]Reuters Turkish parliament approves key new banking law (Fri 18 Jun 22:54)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Turkish parliament adopts changes to state security courts (Fri, 18 Jun 1999 11:10:14 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Turkish parliament approves change to state security courts (Fri, 18 Jun 1999 9:50:22 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Greek composer Theodorakis arrives in Belgrade on pro-Serb mission (Fri, 18 Jun 1999 10:00:20 PDT)
[English]Reuters FOCUS-Turkey removes military from Ocalan trial (Fri 18 Jun 19:12)
[English]Reuters Denktash tells G8 not to meddle in Cyprus dispute (Fri 18 Jun 19:04)
[English]Associated Press Turkish parliament removes military judge from Ocalan court (06/18/99 12:04)
[English]ClariNet-UPI Military judge dumped from Ocalan trial (Fri, 18 Jun 1999 8:50:22 PDT)
[English]Reuters European court welcomes Turkey court amendment (Fri 18 Jun 18:41)
[English]Reuters Greece annoyed with U.S. comments on terrorism (Fri 18 Jun 18:25)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Cyprus government moves to calm row with US over Kosovo policy (Fri, 18 Jun 1999 8:40:17 PDT)
[English]Reuters Turkish shares end higher despite profit-taking (Fri 18 Jun 17:50)
[English]Reuters NATO soldier can't find Kosovo, heads for Athens (Fri 18 Jun 17:16)
[English]Reuters Turk parliament removes military from Ocalan trial (Fri 18 Jun 16:54)
[English]ClariNet-AFP For many Turkish Kurds, rebel leader remains a hero (Fri, 18 Jun 1999 7:10:25 PDT)
[English]Reuters Greek stocks firm,Hellenic Bottling spoils rebound (Fri 18 Jun 15:44)
[English]Reuters EMERGING MARKETS-Upbeat on Turkey despite IMF stir (Fri 18 Jun 15:39)
[English]Reuters Turk parliament to vote for Ocalan court reform (Fri 18 Jun 11:18)
[English]Reuters PRESS DIGEST - Cyprus - June 18 (Fri 18 Jun 9:34)
[English]Reuters PRESS DIGEST - Turkey - June 18 (Fri 18 Jun 9:28)
[English]The Financial Times Hellenic: Rein on costs key to bottling deal (Jun. 17)
[English]The Financial Times Turkish phone company plans IPO (Jun. 18)
[English]BBC Turkey rejects Cyprus peace move (Jun. 17, 22:25 GMT)
[English]Milliyet Oppression on the Turks in Western Thrace (Jun. 18)
[English]Milliyet Athens: We do not support terror (Jun. 18)
[English]Milliyet Germany warns Turkey not to execute Ocalan (Jun. 18)
[English]International Herald Tribune IHT: The Winner in the Balkans Is the KLA (Jun 17)
[English]BBC BBC News | Europe | KLA move in despite K-For (Jun 18)
[English]BBC BBC News | Europe | Serb exodus unabated (Jun 18)
[English]The Washington Post At Greek Church, History and Festivity (Jun. 16)
[English]British Foreign Office British Foreign Secretary's Discussions with Greek Foreign Minister Papandreou [Cyprus, Balkans] (Jun. 17)
[English]The Irish Times 25 killed in clash with Kurdish rebels (Jun. 18)
[English]Reuters Monday, July 12 (Fri 18 Jun 5:07)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Greek foreign minister calls for democratic reforms in Yugoslavia (Thu, 17 Jun 1999 19:30:13 PDT)

Saturday, 19 June 1999

[English]ClariNet-AFP Iraqi parliament sends delegation to Greece (Sat, 19 Jun 1999 5:20:13 PDT)
[English]The Daily Telegraph Damage done by bombing was over-estimated (Jun. 19)
[English]Reuters INTERVIEW-Ocalan court reform allays Europe fears (Sat 19 Jun 12:40)
[English]Reuters Odds and Ends (Sat 19 Jun 7:11)
[English]BBC BBC News | Middle East | Military judge barred from Ocalan trial (Jun 18)

Sunday, 20 June 1999

[English]ClariNet-AFP Refugee ship stopped in Turkish waters (Sun, 20 Jun 1999 15:10:12 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Turkish prosecutors investigate influential Islamic sect (Sun, 20 Jun 1999 4:40:08 PDT)
[English]Milliyet Athens trained PKK (Jun. 20)
[English]Milliyet Ocalan trial on European Court's agenda (Jun. 20)
[English]Arabic News Egyptian minister of petroleum to visit Turkey tomorrow (Jun. 19)

Monday, 21 June 1999

[English]ClariNet-AFP Turks, Turkish Cypriots reject G8 call for talks on Cyprus (Mon, 21 Jun 1999 13:30:18 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Turkish state attacks powerful Moslem sect (Mon, 21 Jun 1999 8:40:26 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Turks, Turkish Cypriots reject G8 call for talks on Cyprus (Mon, 21 Jun 1999 8:40:25 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Cyprus Airways pilots to strike (Mon, 21 Jun 1999 7:50:27 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Trial of Kurdish rebel leader resumes in reformed court (Mon, 21 Jun 1999 7:20:26 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Turkish Cypriots reject G8 call for talks on Cyprus (Mon, 21 Jun 1999 7:00:23 PDT)
[English]The Independent Was it rescue or revenge? [Yugoslavia, Turkey] (Jun. 21)
[English]Milliyet Ankara: "It would not work" [Cyprus] (Jun. 21)
[English]Milliyet Cyprus challenge to Turkey (Jun. 21)
[English]Milliyet 10 cells on Imrali [Ocalan] (Jun. 21)

Tuesday, 22 June 1999

[English]ClariNet-AFP Cyprus government warns pilots over strike (Tue, 22 Jun 1999 14:30:12 PDT)
[English]Associated Press Gazprom secures funding for Turkey-bound pipeline (06/22/99 16:52)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Jailed Turkish rights activist quits group (Tue, 22 Jun 1999 11:00:21 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Cyprus government warns pilots over strike (Tue, 22 Jun 1999 10:50:20 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Greek prosecutor charges alleged incest victim (Tue, 22 Jun 1999 10:00:14 PDT)
[English]ClariNet- AFP BA unit is set to manage troubled Olympic Airways ahead of sell-off (Tue, 22 Jun 1999 9:20:23 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Turkish troops to leave for Kosovo next week: report (Tue, 22 Jun 1999 9:00:29 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP BA subsidiary Speedwing to manage Olympic Airways: report (Tue, 22 Jun 1999 9:00:29 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-CSM In a knot over head scarves in Turkey (Tue, 22 Jun 1999 8:40:19 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Greece probes kickback claim over US radar purchase (Tue, 22 Jun 1999 7:00:28 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Civilian judges, prosecutors leave for prison island for Ocalan trial (Tue, 22 Jun 1999 6:10:44 PDT)
[English]The Irish Times Turkey is warned of suspension by Europe [Ocalan] (Jun. 22)
[English]Milliyet Ankara support to Cyprus (Jun. 22)
[English]Milliyet Europe: The State Security Amendment an improvement [Ocalan] (Jun. 22)
[English]BBC BBC News | Europe | Turkish investigation into Islamic sect expanded (Jun 21)
[English]The Irish Times Trial of Abdullah Ocalan [Letter to the Editor] (Jun. 21)
[English]The Christian Science Monitor In a knot over head scarves in Turkey (Jun. 22)

Wednesday, 23 June 1999

[English]Reuters US warns of possible violence after Ocalan verdict (Thu 24 Jun 2:02)
[English]Reuters Annan Wants To Initiate New Cyprus Negotiations (Wed 23 Jun 23:21)
[English]Reuters Reuters Middle East Highlights 1830 GMT June 23 (Wed 23 Jun 22:17)
[English]Reuters Turks up price cap to $2.7 bln on Baku-Ceyhan line (Wed 23 Jun 19:30)
[English]Reuters FOCUS-Cyprus pilot strike prompts deregulation (Wed 23 Jun 19:02)
[English]Reuters Ocalan Says Turkey Should End Ban On Kurdish (Wed 23 Jun 21:16)
[English]Reuters Reuters historical calendar - June 30 (Wed 23 Jun 18:26)
[English]Reuters FOCUS-Turk generals say no concession to Islamists (Wed 23 Jun 18:23)
[English]Reuters Ocalan execution would harm EU bid-German minister (Wed 23 Jun 17:57)
[English]Reuters FOCUS-Ocalan urges Turkey to end ban on Kurdish (Wed 23 Jun 20:44)
[English]Reuters Turkey's Kurd party rejects links to Ocalan rebels (Wed 23 Jun 17:49)
[English]Reuters Turkish banking law earns guarded welcome (Wed 23 Jun 16:20)
[English]Reuters Beware bloodbath if I'm executed''-Ocalan quoted (Wed 23 Jun 16:12)
[English]Reuters Ocalan Says Kurd Language Ban Fuels Conflict (Wed 23 Jun 15:58)
[English]Reuters Greek stocks end down, seen recovering near-term (Wed 23 Jun 14:36)
[English]Reuters Kurdish Rebel Leader Launches Final Defense (Wed 23 Jun 14:02)
[English]Reuters New strike action looms at Cyprus Airways (Wed 23 Jun 13:58)
[English]Reuters FOCUS-Kurdish rebel leader launches final defence (Wed 23 Jun 13:43)
[English]Reuters Turkish sect head denies plotting against state (Wed 23 Jun 11:55)
[English]Reuters PRESS DIGEST - Turkey - June 23 (Wed 23 Jun 11:34)
[English]Reuters Kurd Rebel Ocalan Trial Resumes After Court Reform (Wed 23 Jun 9:51)
[English]Reuters PRESS DIGEST - Cyprus - June 23 (Wed 23 Jun 8:32)
[English]ClariNet-UPI Looking at Balkans route for Caspian crude (Wed, 23 Jun 1999 16:30:10 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Cypriot national guard officers "incapable", says boss (Wed, 23 Jun 1999 16:10:12 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Greek politician lashes out at Milosevic (Wed, 23 Jun 1999 15:20:16 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-UPI Ocalan: No need for autonomy for Kurds (Wed, 23 Jun 1999 13:50:15 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-UPI Ocalan: Kurds need democracy (Wed, 23 Jun 1999 13:30:19 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Cypriot pilots strike brings temporarily "open" skies (Wed, 23 Jun 1999 13:00:16 PDT)
[English]Associated Press Key issues in Kurdish struggle for autonomy in Turkey (06/23/99 15:49)
[English]Associated Press Kurdish rebel leader warns of bloodshed in final statements (06/23/99 15:45)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Ocalan warns Turkey of PKK rebellion "for 100 years" [Incl. Photo] (Wed, 23 Jun 1999 12:30:21 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Turkish security council urges measures against Islamic extremism (Wed, 23 Jun 1999 9:20:17 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Cypriot government, airline angered by pilots' strike (Wed, 23 Jun 1999 8:40:18 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Ocalan renews call for peace between Ankaara and rebels [Incl. Photo] (Wed, 23 Jun 1999 8:20:16 PDT)
[English]ClariNet- AFP Olympic Airways under foreign management for 30 months: government (Wed, 23 Jun 1999 8:00:18 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Ocalan, lawyers to argue for peace as trial enters final phase (Wed, 23 Jun 1999 6:00:24 PDT)
[English]Associated Press Kurdish rebel leader makes final defense in treason trial (06/23/99 07:27)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Ocalan's treason trial resumes after two-week break (Wed, 23 Jun 1999 4:10:16 PDT)
[English]CNN Ocalan's attorneys to argue for his life (Jun. 23, 3:44 EDT)
[English]Associated Press Kurdish rebel leader to make final defense in treason trial (06/23/99 03:43)
[English]The Financial Times Greece: Share manipulation claims probe (Jun. 23)
[English]International Herald Tribune Freedom for Kosovo Is Not a Dangerous Precedent (Jun. 23)
[English]The Irish Times Kurdish Rights [Letter to the Editor] (Jun. 23)
[English]The Independent Noose tightens around Ocalan (Jun. 23)
[English]Associated Press U.S. to post representative in Greece during Balkan rebuilding (06/22/99 20:18)

Thursday, 24 June 1999

[English]Reuters Turk court sentences police in torture death case (Thu 24 Jun 21:27)
[English]PR Newswire DCR Rates Garanti Trade Payment Rights-Backed Certificates 'BBB' (Thu 24 Jun 21:25)
[English]Associated Press Lawyers for Kurdish rebel leader warn of bloodshed (06/24/99 15:59)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Verdict in trial of Kurdish rebel leader expected on Tuesday (Thu, 24 Jun 1999 12:40:19 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Turkish army says troops will set out for Kosovo next week (Thu, 24 Jun 1999 11:40:15 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Turkey and Greece renew accord on suspending military exercises (Thu, 24 Jun 1999 11:20:26 PDT)
[English]Reuters Cyprus MPs conditionally approve defence spending (Thu 24 Jun 20:15)
[English]Reuters FOCUS-Ocalan trial set for verdict on Tuesday (Thu 24 Jun 19:56)
[English]The Guardian Ocalan and the taboo (Jun. 23)
[English]The Guardian Kurdish rebel makes last plea at treason trial (Jun. 24)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Verdict in Ocalan trial to be given on Tuesday (Thu, 24 Jun 1999 9:10:19 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Turkish government bows to army demand to curb Islamic extremism (Thu, 24 Jun 1999 9:00:23 PDT)
[English]Reuters FOCUS-Ocalan trial judges set Tuesday for verdict (Thu 24 Jun 18:10)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Cyprus brings in emergency schedule to counter airline strike (Thu, 24 Jun 1999 7:40:27 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Ocalan's lawyers urge Ankara to solve Kurdish problem (Thu, 24 Jun 1999 7:10:20 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-UPI Ocalan trial nearing end (Thu, 24 Jun 1999 5:30:16 PDT)
[English]The Times Nato dropped thousands of bombs on dummy roads, bridges and soldiers ... and hit only 13 real Serb tanks (Jun. 24)
[English]The Daily Telegraph Nato and UN clash as KLA terror campaign goes on (Jun. 24)
[English]The Financial Times Ocalan: Doubts grow over Kurdish execution (Jun. 24)
[English]The New York Times Kurdish Rebel Links Revolt to Repression by Turkey (Jun. 24)
[English]The New York Times A Peace Overture in Turkey [Editorial] (Jun. 24)
[English]The New York Times Kurdish Rebel Leader to Speak When Trial Resumes (Jun. 22)
[English]The Financial Times Commission: Greece names commissioner (Jun. 24)
[English]The Financial Times Turkey: Bank laws strengthened (Jun. 24)
[English]CNN Verdict to be announced Tuesday in Ocalan trial (Jun. 24, 10:27 EDT)
[English]The Washington Post Ocalan Warns of New Bloodshed (Jun. 24)
[English]The Daily Telegraph Ocalan plea for mercy in three-hour court speech (Jun. 24)
[English]BBC BBC News | Middle East | Ocalan speaks of peace (Jun 24)
[English]The Boston Globe In the deep, remnants of an ancient voyage (Jun. 24)
[English]The Times 'Contrite' Ocalan bargains with court (Jun. 24)
[English]Reuters FOCUS-Yilmaz says Turkey needs stability programme (Thu 24 Jun 16:46)
[English]Reuters Any death sentence would first have to be upheld on appeal (Thu 24 Jun 16:40)
[English]Reuters Ocalan trial adjourned for Tuesday verdict -agency (Thu 24 Jun 16:36)
[English]Reuters Ocalan's Lawyers Challenge Trial Legitimacy (Thu 24 Jun 16:17)
[English]Reuters FOCUS-Kurdish rebels damage Turkish oil well (Thu 24 Jun 15:03)
[English]Reuters Greek stocks end higher in late blue chip rebound (Thu 24 Jun 14:57)
[English]Associated Press Defense protesting; EDITS to conform; No pickup. (06/24/99 09:42)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Over 2,000 Kosovo refugees leave Turkey for homeland (Thu, 24 Jun 1999 5:50:16 PDT)
[English]Reuters Reuters Middle East Highlights 1130 GMT June 24 (Thu 24 Jun 14:31)
[English]Reuters Turkish parliament debates 1999 budget (Thu 24 Jun 14:09)
[English]Reuters Rabobank in share talks with Turk Soksa, Dogusan (Thu 24 Jun 13:38)
[English]Reuters Pilots' strike fails to ground Cyprus Airways (Thu 24 Jun 13:22)
[English]Reuters INTERVIEW-Denktash says UN Cyprus plan ``nonsense'' (Thu 24 Jun 12:56)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Turkish court resumes hearing Ocalan's treason trial (Thu, 24 Jun 1999 3:30:11 PDT)
[English]CNN The Kurdish question after Ocalan [Analysis] (Jun. 23)
[English]Reuters Ocalan Defense Team To Challenge Trial Legitimacy (Thu 24 Jun 11:34)
[English]Associated Press Defense lawyers for Kurdish rebel leader wrap up final arguments (06/24/99 05:43)
[English]Reuters PRESS DIGEST - Cyprus - June 24 (Thu 24 Jun 10:22)
[English]Reuters Kurdish rebels attack Turkish oil well (Thu 24 Jun 9:46)
[English]Reuters PRESS DIGEST - Turkey - June 24 (Thu 24 Jun 9:41)
[English]ClariNet-AFP UN chief seeks to revive Cyprus negotiations (Wed, 23 Jun 1999 17:50:10 PDT)

Friday, 25 June 1999

[English]ClariNet-AFP Cyprus Airways pilots end strike (Fri, 25 Jun 1999 16:00:10 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Turkish Cypriots reject Annan talks call (Fri, 25 Jun 1999 11:00:14 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP PKK calls for peace, threatens war (Fri, 25 Jun 1999 10:30:17 PDT)
[English]Reuters Turkey Islamist ex-mayor faces extended jail term (Fri 25 Jun 19:08)
[English]Reuters Cyprus Airways strike costing 100,000 pounds daily (Fri 25 Jun 19:04)
[English]Associated Press Ocalan's lawyer acquitted of charges of aiding Kurdish rebels (06/25/99 12:09)
[English]The New York Times Kosovo's Rebels Accused of Executions in the Ranks (Jun. 25)
[English]Reuters Greek stocks end up as banks stage late recovery (Fri 25 Jun 15:41)
[English]Reuters Turk general says Ocalan's pleas for life in vain (Fri 25 Jun 14:42)
[English]Reuters Turk govt sees social security reform by end-July (Fri 25 Jun 14:22)
[English]Reuters Turkish cabinet debates key social security reform (Fri 25 Jun 13:19)
[English]Reuters PRESS DIGEST - Cyprus - June 25 (Fri 25 Jun 10:55)
[English]Reuters IMF team extends Turkey visit to July 1 (Fri 25 Jun 10:54)
[English]Reuters PRESS DIGEST - Turkey - June 25 (Fri 25 Jun 10:47)
[English]Le Monde Diplomatique Not such conventional weapons [Depleted Uranium Weapons, Yugoslavia] (June 1999)
[English]International Herald Tribune Ocalan Defense Wraps Up (Jun. 25)
[English]The Irish Times Verdict in Ocalan treason trial expected on Tuesday (Jun. 25)
[English]Reuters Schedule of forthcoming political and general news events (Fri 25 Jun 5:11)
[English]Business Wire California Peach Growers Fight Intrusion of Illegally Subsidized Greek Peaches (Fri 25 Jun 3:01)

Saturday, 26 June 1999

[English]ClariNet-AFP Greek, Turkish foreign ministers to meet in New York (Sat, 26 Jun 1999 14:30:06 PDT)
[English]Associated Press Turkish premier orders checks on security forces (06/26/99 15:52)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Greek, Turkish foreign ministers to meet in New York (Sat, 26 Jun 1999 10:10:08 PDT)
[English]Associated Press Turkish soldiers kill 11 Kurdish rebels (06/26/99 09:24)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Turkish premier promises legal reform to improve human rights (Sat, 26 Jun 1999 7:10:13 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Turkish court refuses to accept appeal by Ocalan lawyers (Sat, 26 Jun 1999 7:00:17 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP 11 Kurdish rebels, two Turkish soldiers killed in southeastern Turkey (Sat, 26 Jun 1999 4:20:08 PDT)
[English]Associated Press Hanging of 18-year-old led to moratorium on Turkish executions (06/26/99 01:02)
[English]Reuters PRESS DIGEST - Turkey - June 26 (Sat 26 Jun 10:04)
[English]Milliyet Northern Cyprus rejects Annan's call (Jun. 26)
[English]The Sydney Morning Herald Hang me and risk violence: Ocalan (Jun. 26)
[English]The Sydney Morning Herald 50 Serbs killed in Albanian revenge (Jun. 26)
[English]The Independent Sue Arnold - The nightmare of my long weekend in paradise [Vacations in Rhodes] (Jun. 26)
[English]BBC Analysis: How Yugoslavia hid its tanks (Jun. 25)
[English]BBC Nato's bombing blunders (Jun. 1)

Sunday, 27 June 1999

[English]Associated Press Kurdish rebels largely defeated, but call for minority rights remains (06/27/99 18:51)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Former Greek dictator Papadopoulos dies [Incl. Photo] (Sun, 27 Jun 1999 11:40:12 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-UPI Former Greek dictators dies (Sun, 27 Jun 1999 9:00:08 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Papadopoulos junta: censorship, repression, torture [Incl. Photo] (Sun, 27 Jun 1999 8:40:09 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Former Greek dictator Papadopoulos dies [Incl. Photo] (Sun, 27 Jun 1999 8:38:32 PDT)
[English]Reuters Former Greek dictator Papadopoulos dead at 80 (Jun. 27, 8:33 EDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Ankara rejects Ocalan Italian lawyers' bid to come to Turkey (Sun, 27 Jun 1999 8:10:11 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Greek-Cypriot party leaders attend meeting in breakaway north (Sun, 27 Jun 1999 8:00:08 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Former Greek dictator Papadopoulos dies [Incl. Photo] (Sun, 27 Jun 1999 7:50:08 PDT)
[English]Associated Press George Papadopoulos, former Greek junta leader, is dead (06/27/99 10:43)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Turkey braces for Ocalan verdict amid PKK's "violence" threats (Sun, 27 Jun 1999 7:20:15 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Former Greek dictator Papadopoulos dies (Sun, 27 Jun 1999 7:20:15 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Ex-dictator Papadopoulos dies in Greece (Sun, 27 Jun 1999 6:40:47 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Turkish police seize 44 kilos of heroin in Istanbul (Sun, 27 Jun 1999 5:20:12 PDT)
[English]The Independent Kurds await fate of leader (Jun. 27)
[English]Milliyet Greek and Turkish Ministers to meet in New York (Jun. 27)
[English]BBC Annan: Do not punish Serbs twice (Jun. 27)
[English]BBC BBC News | Europe | Turkey promises to improve human rights (Jun 26)

Monday, 28 June 1999

[English]Reuters Turkey awaits verdict in Ocalan trial (Tue 29 Jun 2:18)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Turkish delegation to visit northern Cyprus for invasion anniversary (Mon, 28 Jun 1999 12:30:15 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP US scolds Greece, Turkey for transfer of US arms to Cyprus (Mon, 28 Jun 1999 12:20:14 PDT)
[English]Associated Press Heightened security as Turkey prepares for Ocalan verdict (06/28/99 14:30)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Ocalan to make "very brief" closing statement in court (Mon, 28 Jun 1999 10:50:24 PDT)
[English]Reuters Greece, Turkey Broke Arms Commitments To U.S. (Mon 28 Jun 20:30)
[English]PR Newswire Telular Enters Turkish Market Through Strategic Distribution Agreement (Mon 28 Jun 19:57)
[English]Reuters Greece and Turkey to hold talks in New York (Mon 28 Jun 18:49)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Security alert in Turkey ahead of Ocalan verdict (Mon, 28 Jun 1999 8:20:22 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Greek becomes first Western defence minister to visit Iran since 1979 (Mon, 28 Jun 1999 8:00:21 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Security talks between Turkey and Syria (Mon, 28 Jun 1999 7:50:15 PDT)
[English]Reuters FOCUS- Egnatia Bank nears Athens bourse listing (Mon 28 Jun 17:14)
[English]PR Newswire DCR Downgrades Toprakbank (Mon 28 Jun 17:31)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Water supplies to northern Cyprus disrupted as balloons burst (Mon, 28 Jun 1999 6:40:24 PDT)
[English]Reuters CORRECTED-Kurd rebels see new wars if Ocalan hangs (Mon 28 Jun 16:03)
[English]Reuters Greek stocks end up,weak banks point to rangetrade (Mon 28 Jun 15:53)
[English]Reuters POLL-Turkish June inflation seen at 3-3.5 pct (Mon 28 Jun 14:48)
[English]Reuters Former Greek Dictator Papadopoulos Dies (Mon 28 Jun 7:23)
[English]Reuters PRESS DIGEST - Cyprus - June 28 (Mon 28 Jun 11:12)
[English]Reuters PRESS DIGEST - Turkey - June 28 (Mon 28 Jun 9:45)
[English]Reuters NEWSMAKER-Greek dictator escaped firing squad (Sun 27 Jun 15:13)
[English]Reuters Turkey Faces Critical Week As Ocalan Verdict Nears (Sun 27 Jun 14:03)
[English]Reuters PRESS DIGEST - Turkey - June 27 (Sun 27 Jun 10:54)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Security alert in Turkey ahead of Ocalan verdict (Mon, 28 Jun 1999 4:40:14 PDT)
[English]The Financial Times Greece: Papadopoulos dies at 80 (Jun. 28)
[English]The Financial Times Turkey: Ankara hopes to agree IMF reform deal (Jun. 28)
[English]The Washington Post Inventing Paradise: The Greek Journey 1937-47 [Poetry] (Jun. 28)
[English]The Daily Telegraph Cold War warrior scorns 'new morality' [Henry Kissinger] (Jun. 28)
[English]The Washington Post Developing a Doctrine of Humanitarian Warfare (Jun. 28)
[English]The Washington Post War Showed U.S.-Allied Inequality (Jun. 28)
[English]The Times Annan insists West must help Serbs (Jun. 28)
[English]The Times Serbs in Britain remember the battle of 1389 (Jun. 28)
[English]The Independent Let us be generous in rebuilding Serbia (Jun. 28)
[English]The Independent Papadopoulos, ex-dictator of Greece, dies in jail at 80 (Jun. 28)
[English]The Independent Obituaries - George Papadopoulos (Jun. 28)
[English]Associated Press George Papadopoulos, former Greek junta leader, is dead (06/28/99 03:14)
[English]Associated Press Kurdish rebels largely defeated, but call for minority rights remains (06/28/99 01:06)

Tuesday, 29 June 1999

[English]Reuters Ocalan Sentence Thrusts Turkey Under Spotlight (Wed 30 Jun 2:01)
[English]ClariNet-AFP UN Security Council calls for autumn peace talks in Cyprus (Tue, 29 Jun 1999 16:50:11 PDT)
[English]Reuters UN council asks Annan to convene new Cyprus talks (Tue 29 Jun 23:41)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Kurds protest in Cyprus [Incl. Photo] (Tue, 29 Jun 1999 13:00:17 PDT)
[English]Reuters U.S. Voices Concern Over Ocalan Case (Tue 29 Jun 22:41)
[English]Reuters Kurds march in Athens over Ocalan death sentence (Tue 29 Jun 21:57)
[English]Reuters Reuters Middle East Highlights 1830 GMT June 29 (Tue 29 Jun 21:54)
[English]Associated Press Ancient wreath disappears from museum (06/29/99 15:02)
[English]Reuters Iran, Greece see defence cooperation deal soon (Tue 29 Jun 21:44)
[English]Associated Press Europe warns Turkey: Ocalan death sentence could hurt relations (06/29/99 14:00)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Ocalan says he will continue to work for peace (Tue, 29 Jun 1999 11:30:15 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Turkey's dilemma: whether to hang Ocalan [Incl. Photo] (Tue, 29 Jun 1999 10:40:16 PDT)
[English]BBC Europe condemns Ocalan sentence (Jun. 29, 17:34 GMT)
[English]Business Wire Republic of Armenia Retains Manatt, Phelps & Phillips LLP to Sue Trans-World Telecom, OTE for (Tue 29 Jun 20:27)
[English]ClariNet-AP Small Producers Lead Wine Revolt (Tue, 29 Jun 1999 10:20:19 PDT)
[English]Reuters FOCUS-Russia urges Turkey not to hang Ocalan (Tue 29 Jun 19:58)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Cyprus unconvinced by US statement on weapons withdrawals (Tue, 29 Jun 1999 9:50:18 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Ocalan sentenced to death, Europe urges Turkey against execution [Incl. Photo] (Tue, 29 Jun 1999 9:40:26 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-CSM Talking Turkey with a seasoned travel writer (Tue, 29 Jun 1999 9:40:25 PDT)
[English]Reuters FOCUS-Italy asks Turkey not to execute Ocalan (Tue 29 Jun 19:37)
[English]Reuters EU leaders in Rio urge Turkey not to hang Ocalan (Tue 29 Jun 19:31)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Cyprus unconvinced by US statement on weapons withrawals (Tue, 29 Jun 1999 9:20:24 PDT)
[English]Reuters ANALYSIS-Ocalan verdict strains Turkey-EU ties (Tue 29 Jun 19:10)
[English]Reuters U.S. Declines Comment On Ocalan Death Sentence (Tue 29 Jun 18:58)
[English]ClariNet-AP Turkey Sentences Ocalan to Death [Incl. Photo] (Tue, 29 Jun 1999 8:45:51 PDT)
[English]Associated Press The rise and capture of Turkey's Kurdish guerrilla chief (06/29/99 11:36)
[English]ClariNet-UPI Many Turks rejoice over Ocalan sentence [Incl. Photo] (Tue, 29 Jun 1999 8:11:02 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP PKK calls for non-violent protest against Ocalan verdict [Incl. Photo] (Tue, 29 Jun 1999 8:11:02 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Ocalan's judge admits he is against death penalty [Incl. Photo] (Tue, 29 Jun 1999 8:11:02 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Kurds protest in Cyprus [Incl. Photo] (Tue, 29 Jun 1999 8:11:02 PDT)
[English]Reuters Finland says EU to unite against Ocalan ruling (Tue 29 Jun 17:56)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Ecevit hopes Ocalan verdict will "prove beneficial" (Tue, 29 Jun 1999 7:50:19 PDT)
[English]Reuters FOCUS-Kurds stone Cyprus US embassy after verdict (Tue 29 Jun 17:28)
[English]Reuters FOCUS-Ocalan supporters and police scuffle in Rome (Tue 29 Jun 16:46)
[English]Reuters OUTLOOK-World News at 1400 GMT (Tue 29 Jun 17:20)
[English]ClariNet-UPI Many Turks rejoice over Ocalan sentence (Tue, 29 Jun 1999 7:10:32 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Ocalan's judge admits he is against death penalty (Tue, 29 Jun 1999 7:10:31 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Jubilation, nationalist fervour in courtroom after verdict (Tue, 29 Jun 1999 7:00:25 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP PKK calls for non-violent protest against Ocalan verdict (Tue, 29 Jun 1999 6:50:19 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Iran insists moves to boost military ties with Greece threaten no-one (Tue, 29 Jun 1999 6:50:19 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Kurdish rebel leader sentenced to death on treason charges (Tue, 29 Jun 1999 6:40:23 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-UPI Lebanon beefs up embassy security (Tue, 29 Jun 1999 6:20:32 PDT)
[English]BBC Analysis: What next for Ocalan and Turkey? (Jun. 29, 13:38 GMT)
[English]BBC Head of Armenian church dies (Jun. 29, 14:06 GMT)
[English]Reuters NATO troops to cross Bulgaria en route to Kosovo (Tue 29 Jun 16:29)
[English]Reuters Greece squarely on road to join EMU Jan 2001-IMF (Tue 29 Jun 16:04)
[English]Reuters Turkey Court Sentences Rebel Ocalan To Hang (Tue 29 Jun 16:07)
[English]Reuters Greek stocks end up,industrials beat profit-taking (Tue 29 Jun 15:48)
[English]Reuters Russia urges Turkey not to hang Ocalan (Tue 29 Jun 15:47)
[English]Reuters Ocalan's death verdict start of long legal battle (Tue 29 Jun 15:44)
[English]Reuters Governments, Rebels Denounce Ocalan Verdict (Tue 29 Jun 15:31)
[English]Reuters Greece condemns Ocalan death sentence (Tue 29 Jun 14:37)
[English]Reuters EU urges Turkey not to execute Ocalan (Tue 29 Jun 14:36)
[English]Reuters FOCUS-Turkey says rejects foreign advice on Ocalan (Tue 29 Jun 15:49)
[English]Reuters ANALYSIS-Ocalan verdict may strain Turkey-EU ties (Tue 29 Jun 14:14)
[English]Reuters Council of Europe urges Turkey not to hang Ocalan (Tue 29 Jun 13:53)
[English]Reuters Cyprus police seize 33 kilos of cannabis oil (Tue 29 Jun 13:37)
[English]Reuters Swiss urge Turkey not to execute Ocalan (Tue 29 Jun 13:13)
[English]Reuters Turkish markets watching post-Ocalan events (Tue 29 Jun 13:06)
[English]Reuters Kurds stone U.S. embassy in Cyprus after verdict (Tue 29 Jun 12:55)
[English]Reuters ANALYSIS-Kurd rebel Ocalan on long walk to gallows (Tue 29 Jun 12:47)
[English]Reuters Ocalan rebels threaten violence after verdict (Tue 29 Jun 12:39)
[English]Reuters Turkish Court Sentences Ocalan To Death (Tue 29 Jun 13:33)
[English]Reuters Chronology of rebel Ocalan's fight against Turkey (Tue 29 Jun 12:25)
[English]Reuters FOCUS-Germany says regrets Ocalan death sentence (Tue 29 Jun 16:10)
[English]Reuters PRESS DIGEST - Cyprus - June 29 (Tue 29 Jun 11:10)
[English]Reuters Turkmen-Turkey gas line partners to sign framework pact (Tue 29 Jun 10:30)
[English]Associated Press Europe warns Turkey against carrying out Ocalan death sentence (06/29/99 09:55)
[English]ClariNet-AFP The travels of Ocalan, Kurdish rebel leader (Tue, 29 Jun 1999 5:00:21 PDT)
[English]BBC Greek defence minister visits Iran (Jun. 28, 14:46 GMT)
[English]BBC Text of the Ocalan verdict (Jun. 29, 9:20 GMT)
[English]BBC Kurdish violence feared all over Europe (Jun. 29, 12:09 GMT)
[English]Associated Press Kurdish leader found guilty in Turkey, sentenced to death (06/29/99 06:57)
[English]Associated Press Kurdish rebel leader found guilty in Turkey, sentenced to death (06/29/99 07:14)
[English]Associated Press Police across Europe brace for violence after Ocalan verdict (06/29/99 07:28)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Turkey revisits death penalty controversy after 15-year moratorium (Tue, 29 Jun 1999 4:30:18 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Ecevit hopes Ocalan verdict will "prove beneficial" (Tue, 29 Jun 1999 4:00:12 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Kurdish rebel leader sentenced to death on treason charges (Tue, 29 Jun 1999 3:50:14 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Kurds protest in Cyprus (Tue, 29 Jun 1999 3:30:13 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Ocalan: freedom fighter or terrorist? (Tue, 29 Jun 1999 3:00:09 PDT)
[English]Associated Press Across Europe, police brace for Ocalan verdict (06/29/99 05:16)
[English]Associated Press Ocalan used charisma plus guns and bombs in deadly struggle (06/29/99 04:45)
[English]Associated Press Turkey finds Ocalan guilty, sentence him to death (06/29/99 05:00)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Kurdish rebel leader sentenced to death on treason charges (Tue, 29 Jun 1999 2:40:11 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Turkish court resumes Ocalan trial to deliver verdict (Tue, 29 Jun 1999 2:10:11 PDT)
[English]CNN Turkish court sentences Kurdish leader Ocalan to death (Jun. 29, 5:10 EST)
[English]Reuters PRESS DIGEST - Turkey - June 29 (Tue 29 Jun 8:57)
[English]Associated Press Albright: NATO bombing not a precedent for future intervention (06/29/99 02:19)
[English]Associated Press Heightened security as Turkey prepares for Ocalan verdict (06/29/99 03:19)
[English]Associated Press IMRALI ISLAND: take months. (06/29/99 03:38)
[English]Associated Press Turkish court sentences Kurdish rebel leader Abdullah Ocalan to death,... (06/29/99 03:33)
[English]Associated Press Turkish court sentences rebel leader to death (06/29/99 03:44)
[English]Associated Press Turkish sentences rebel leader to death (06/29/99 03:48)
[English]BBC Ocalan sentenced to death (Jun. 29, 8:02 GMT)
[English]CNN Kurdish leader Ocalan sentenced to death for treason (Jun. 29, 3:32 EST)
[English]Milliyet Peace letter from Athens (Jun. 29)
[English]The Financial Times Turkey: Security raised as Ocalan sentence looms (Jun. 29)
[English]Arabic News Jordan refuses participation in Turkish-Israeli maneuvers (Jun. 28)
[English]The International Herald Tribune Papadopoulos, Ex-Dictator in Greece, Dies (Jun. 29)
[English]The Irish Times Rival gangs in battle for control of crime [Cyprus] (Jun. 29)
[English]BBC Turkey braced for Ocalan verdict (Jun. 29, 4:46 GMT)
[English]The Irish Times Leader of Greek colonels' junta dies at 80 (Jun. 28)
[English]BBC Turkey bars Ocalan's Italian lawyers (Jun. 28, 3:29 GMT)
[English]BBC Turkey awaits Ocalan verdict (Jun. 28, 18:38 GMT)
[English]Reuters Schedule of forthcoming political and general news events (Tue 29 Jun 5:07)
[English]Weekly Defense Monitor Turkey's Shopping Spree [Weapons] (Jun. 24)

Wednesday, 30 June 1999

[English]Associated Press Greece and Turkey agree to high-level meetings (06/30/99 19:41)
[English]ClariNet-AP Turks Celebrate Ocalan Sentence [Incl. Photo] (Wed, 30 Jun 1999 14:52:28 PDT)
[English]Associated Press Turks celebrate as analysts question Ocalan death sentence (06/30/99 16:29)
[English]Reuters Greece, Turkey to hold talks on five issues (Wed 30 Jun 23:03)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Cyprus FM welcomes UN resolutions on divided island (Wed, 30 Jun 1999 13:20:18 PDT)
[English]Business Wire Lend Lease Real Estate Investments and Vestar-Athens To Develop The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon (Wed 30 Jun 22:29)
[English]ClariNet- AFP Ocalan lawyers draft appeals to Ankara and Strasbourg courts [Incl. Photo] (Wed, 30 Jun 1999 13:01:00 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Turkey ultra-nationalists urge calm after Ocalan death verdict [Incl. Photo] (Wed, 30 Jun 1999 12:46:01 PDT)
[English]Reuters Reuters World News Digest at 1730 GMT, Jun 30 (Wed 30 Jun 21:36)
[English]PR Newswire Cyprus Amax Minerals Completes Sale of Coal Unit To Rag International Mining GmbH (Wed 30 Jun 21:34)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Turkey warns of possible decline in relations with EU (Wed, 30 Jun 1999 11:30:12 PDT)
[English]Reuters FOCUS-Turk shares jump, yields dive on IMF hopes (Wed 30 Jun 18:41)
[English]Reuters Suspicions of wrongdoing increasing at Athens bourse (Wed 30 Jun 18:22)
[English]Reuters FOCUS-Turkish PM Ecevit stirs IMF support hopes (Wed 30 Jun 17:48)
[English]Reuters Cyprus to speed up open skies policy - minister (Wed 30 Jun 17:04)
[English]Reuters Turkey aims revitalised privatisation in H2 (Wed 30 Jun 16:48)
[English]Reuters FOCUS-Ocalan lawyers appealing to Europe court (Wed 30 Jun 16:48)
[English]Reuters Exiled Kurd leaders urge restraint, warn tourists (Wed 30 Jun 15:45)
[English]Reuters Greek stocks end up as banks recover (Wed 30 Jun 15:43)
[English]Reuters Ocalan Lawyers To Seek Europe Court Injunction (Wed 30 Jun 15:29)
[English]Reuters Ocalan verdict jeopardises Turkey's EU bid -papers (Wed 30 Jun 14:30)
[English]Reuters OUTLOOK-World News at 1000 GMT (Wed 30 Jun 13:16)
[English]Reuters Pope wants trip to Holy Land, Middle East, Greece (Wed 30 Jun 13:17)
[English]Reuters FOCUS-Turkish PM stirs IMF hopes after GNP dive (Wed 30 Jun 12:47)
[English]Reuters Turkey kills 12 Kurd rebels after Ocalan verdict (Wed 30 Jun 12:45)
[English]Associated Press 1,500 mourn former coup leader at funeral (06/30/99 12:14)
[English]Associated Press 2,500 mourn former coup leader at funeral (06/30/99 12:58)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Greek, Turkish foreign ministers meet in New York Wednesday (Wed, 30 Jun 1999 9:40:24 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Finland foresees progress on Cyprus EU membership application (Wed, 30 Jun 1999 9:30:24 PDT)
[English]Associated Press Hundreds praise former coup leader at funeral (06/30/99 11:42)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Turkey ultra-nationalists urge calm after Ocalan death verdict (Wed, 30 Jun 1999 8:40:23 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-AFP Ocalan lawyers draft appeals to Ankara and Strasbourg courts (Wed, 30 Jun 1999 8:30:18 PDT)
[English]Associated Press Turks targeted in Germany after Ocalan verdict (06/30/99 06:16)
[English]ClariNet-AFP 12 Kurdish rebels killed in clashes in southeastern Turkey (Wed, 30 Jun 1999 4:50:14 PDT)
[English]ClariNet- AFP Turkish press hails death sentence on Ocalan, questions execution (Wed, 30 Jun 1999 4:20:15 PDT)
[English]Reuters Turkey proving it is not European -Greek papers (Wed 30 Jun 12:00)
[English]Reuters Australian Kurds protest Ocalan death sentence (Wed 30 Jun 11:15)
[English]BBC BBC News | Europe | US fears Ocalan protests (Jun 30)
[English]BBC BBC News | Europe | Ocalan link to Palme murder (Jun 30)
[English]Reuters Turks Hail Ocalan Verdict, Wary Of Reaction (Wed 30 Jun 10:47)
[English]Reuters PRESS DIGEST - Cyprus - June 30 (Wed 30 Jun 9:45)
[English]Human Rights Watch Ocalan Trial Monitor: Backgrounder on Repression of the Kurds in Turkey (June 1999)
[English]Human Rights Watch Ocalan Trial Monitor: Grave Shortcomings in Ocalan Trial (Jun. 29)
[English]The New York Times Rebel Kurdish Leader Sentenced to Die by Turkish Court (Jun. 30)
[English]The Financial Times Greece: 'On track' to join EMU (Jun. 30)
[English]The Financial Times Ocalan: Turks reject protests over death sentence (Jun. 30)
[English]The Washington Post Turkey Sentences Kurdish Rebel to Die (Jun. 30)
[English]The Washington Post Encouraged by Shows of Support, Turks Push Reform Plan (Jun. 30)
[English]Arabic News Demirel in Israel (Jun. 29)
[English]Arabic News Syrian-Turkish security meeting in Ghazi Eintab (Jun. 29)
[English]Arabic News On the Syrian-Turkish security meeting (Jun. 29)
[English]TIME Daily Turkey Faces Furor Over Ocalan Death Sentence (Jun. 30)
[English]The Jerusalem Post Turkey sentences Ocalan to death (Jun. 30)
[English]The Canadian Press Turkish court sentences Rebel leader to death (Jun. 30)
[English]The Daily Telegraph Warlord who has changed his tune [Ocalan] (Jun. 30)
[English]The Daily Telegraph Kurdish leader condemned to die for treason (Jun. 30)
[English]The Independent Greece - The Islands (Jun. 30)
[English]The Times Gallows Justice: Hanging Ocalan may not be in Turkey's best interests [Editorial] (Jun. 30)
[English]The Times Ocalan can only wait and hope (Jun. 30)
[English]The Times Europe urges Ankara to show mercy (Jun. 30)
[English]The Times Kurds are 'ready to take revenge' (Jun. 30)
[English]The Times Belgrade troops seize aid convoys [Montenegro] (Jun. 30)
[English]CNN Kurds show restraint in Ocalan verdict protests (Jun. 29, 15:15 EDT)
[English]CNN International community rejects Ocalan death penalty (Jun. 29, 10:55 EDT)
[English]The Irish Times [Ocalan's] Death Sentence (Jun. 30)
[English]The Irish Times Robinson concern over legal standards (Jun. 30)
[English]The Irish Times [Irish] Department advises visitors to be aware of tensions (Jun. 30)
[English]The Irish Times From student dropout to ruthless terrorist leader (Jun. 30)
[English]The Irish Times EU calls on Turkey not to execute Ocalan (Jun. 30)
[English]The Irish Times Ocalan sentence greeted with PKK war threat (Jun. 30)
[English]Associated Press Ocalan sentence puts Turkey on collision course with Europe (06/30/99 01:07)
[English]The Christian Science Monitor Verdict in Kurd case strains Turkey's ties with Europe (Jun. 30)
[English]ClariNet-AFP White House confirms plan for weapons withdrawal from Cyprus (Tue, 29 Jun 1999 20:30:09 PDT)
[English]ClariNet-UPI U.S. reassures Turkey on pipeline (Tue, 29 Jun 1999 17:40:12 PDT)
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