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  • [01] Fifth Anniversary of proclamation of Kosova Constitution

  • [02] New School Year Starts in Kosova

  • [03] Rugova Receives Foreign Diplomats

  • [04] Bukoshi receives Gilman

  • [05] Kosova must be included in latest peace plan

  • [06] Workshop on Kosova in Woman's Conference

  • [07] Albanians are keeping equilibrium in Kosova

  • [08] Long forgotten epidemics appear in Kosova

  • [09] Colonisation of Kosova continues

  • [10] Chronicle of Serbian Violence

  • Kosova Communication

    Bulletin of the Ministry of Information

    of the Republic of Kosova

    4th year, No 234 , 11 September 1995

    [01] Fifth Anniversary of proclamation of Kosova Constitution

    Five years have passed since Members of the Kosova Parliament, assembled in Kaanik, in consent with the peoples sovereign will , Article 301 of the Constitution of the Socialist Autonomous Province of Kosova and the Constitutional Declaration of 2 Jul 1990, ratified the Constitution of the Republic of Kosova This was another defensive act towards Serb attacks on Kosovas subjectivity and clear parliamentary and institutional articulation of the right of the people of Kosova to self-determination. On 22 September 1990 the Parliament adopted a resolution on t e Republic of Kosova as a sovereign and independent state - with right to constitutive participation in the alliance of states-sovereign republics in Yugoslavia, based on full freedom and equality of the republics-states within the alliance. This was v lidated in the Referendum held from 26 0 30 September 1991. 87.01% of the electorate participated in this Referendum, 99.87% of whom supporting the declaration of Kosova as a sovereign and independent state.

    During the past five years, the Republic of Kosova has been living under Serbian occupation. A strong Albanian National Movement has emerged and has gained widespread respect as a democratic and peaceful movement with excellent organisational levels. I 's objective is the accomplishment of Republic of Kosova as independent and neutral state, open to both Albania and Serbia, which would be the best solution for Albanians and Serbs as well as stability in Balkans.

    [02] New School Year Starts in Kosova

    The new 1995/96 school year started on 4 September in the Republic of Kosova. Over 273,000 elementary school children, 15,700 strong teaching personnel, 57,000 secondary school students and their 4,300 teaching staff are involved in the Albanian-langua e educational system of Kosova which for the past five years now has been operating independently of the Serbian regime's imposed curricula. 22 elementary schools in Albanian as well as all secondary schools have been forced to operate in private homes and other make-shift classes, as the Serbian regime has prevented Albanian pupils, students and staff from entering educational premises. Ma y of these premises generally remain virtually empty. The Kosova Albanian educational system has proved to be a huge organisational challenge to the intention of the Belgrade regime of closing down any prospects for Albanians to pursue their aspirations as a nation and as a distinct ethnic and cultural en ity.

    [03] Rugova Receives Foreign Diplomats

    The President of Kosova Dr. Rugova received in Prishtina on 6 September Ms. Stella Ronner, Second Secretary at the Royal Netherlands Embassy, Dr. Volker Pellet, Consul at the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, Mr. Geoffrey Gartshore, Second Se retary at the Canadian Embassy and Mr. Net Doubarn, First Secretary at the British Embassy in Belgrade

    President Rugova informed the Belgrade-based diplomats about the grave and tense situation in Kosova amidst the Serbian regime's crackdown on Kosova and the systematic repression and violence against the Albanian population. Dr. Ibrahim Rugova warned t at the situation was deteriorating in the wake of Serbia's stepped up moves to settle Serb refugees from Krajina to Kosova, aiming at the colonising of Kosova and changing its ethnic composition.

    [04] Bukoshi receives Gilman

    On 1 September in Tirana, Mr. Bujar Bukoshi, Kosova Prime Minister, received US Congressman Benjamin Gilman, Chairman of the House International Relations Committee. Mr Gilman was accompanied by former US Congressman Joseph Dioguardi and Ms. Shirley Cl yes.

    Mr. Bukoshi informed his guest of the situation in Kosova, pointing out the latest Serbian provocation's, by settling Serbs from Kraina in the region. Mr. Gilman expressed his readiness to use his influence in the US Congress in seeking a just solution for the Kosova issue.

    [05] Kosova must be included in latest peace plan

    In an interview with the Danish daily newspaper "Politiken", Mr. Alfred Serreqi, Albanian Foreign Minister, referring to the colonisation of Kosova with Serbs, stated that "due to Serbian provocation the danger that a war might erupt in Kosova is incre sing.". Speaking on possible solutions to the Kosova problem he stated that "firstly, Kosova must be included in the latest peace plan, and in any future talks, Albania must be present on the negotiating table".

    [06] Workshop on Kosova in Woman's Conference

    A Kosova delegation is participating in the Fourth World Conference on Woman in China. On 4 September a workshop on Kosova, entitled "Woman in the prevention and solution of conflict" was organised. Delegates from many countries participated. The leade of the Kosova delegation, Ms. Edita Tahiri, asked the participants to do their utmost to prevent a war in Kosova and recognise the right of the people of Kosova to decide its own fate. At the proceedings, an Ad Hoc Committee of Women Preoccupied for Peace, was created. The Committee includes representatives from USA, Great Britain, Sweden and Kosova.

    [07] Albanians are keeping equilibrium in Kosova

    In an interview given to Rilindja , Ms. Florence Hartman, a Le Mond journalist and former correspondent from Belgrade, expelled by the Serbian regime, talking on the situation in Kosova stated that she had an impression that the situation had not chang d much since she last was there and stated that the situation needed to be changed. Ms Hartman stated that thanks to the good organisation of Albanians, who despite being dismissed from society knew how to organise themselves, the situation in Kosova, despite being kept in equilibrium, faced a permanent danger of deteriorating.

    [08] Long forgotten epidemics appear in Kosova

    Kosova has become Europe's most dangerous region for epidemics following the shutting down of its health system by Serbia. There is a real threat from lice and ticks In the first eight months of this year 12 people were infected by ticks, many other by mice, several people suffered from abdominal typhus and 130 people, mainly children, had suffered from meningitis .

    According to Dr. Salih Ahmeti , Kosova is probably the most threatened region by Epidemics in Europe. Haemorrhage fever epidemic, or "black death", which has prevailed in Kosova, is in the same family with the "ebola" epidemic. Only local medical autho ities in Kosova have been dealing with the situation. They have recorded the sources of the epidemic and have instructed those affected to seek further treatment in hospitals. So far no measures for disaffection have been undertaken in order to destroy the carriers of this virus. This year 87 cases of this disease have been recorded. 65 of them have suffered from haemorrhage fever caused by ticks or Crimea - Congo type, whereas the rest have suffered from mice fever. Unfortunately , contrary to the ebola epidemics, Internationa Health Organisations have failed to recognise the seriousness of the epidemic situation in Kosova.

    [09] Colonisation of Kosova continues

    Mitrovica: Serbian authorities have begun to break into holiday homes of Albanians in the villages Varag and Uglar near Zubin Potok. They are being used to billet Serb refugees from Knin and Bosnia - Herzegovina. Cottages belonging to Agim Korenica, Bu han Gashi, Ajet Shosholli,Gazmend Morina, Hisen Selaci, Imer Hakaj, Hisni Maxhuni and Bosnian Nevzat Ullakoviq have been seized. Mr. Hisen Selaci stated that about 20 properties have been taken in all.

    Prizren: Prizren is the main centre in the region bordering Albania and is one of Kosova's most famous trading centres. There are about 1,800 small and large businesses . By 6th September there have arrived about 1,300 Serb colonists. 447 of them are s eltered in student dormitories, 180 are staying in the village Sreck, 82 on the premises of the school for children with learning difficulties and 183 people are staying at the "main refugee centre" at motel "Camp-Putnik". No data has been given regar ing the whereabouts of the rest of the refugees. Police robberies are increasing the revolt of the people of Prizren. On 3 September all Albanians merchants in town, especially food tradesman, were robbed. From the company "Ashti-Commerce" alone about 3,850 litres of cooking oil were taken. The owner of the company was harassed just because he protested. 15 colonists were offered jobs at printing company "R.Sadiku" , following the dismissal of Albanian staff the previous day. Serbian installed authorities of the "League of Prizren" Museum in Prizren have been ordered to remove all the pieces of exhibition, paintings and other documentation from the museum building complex. The building is to serve as housing for Serbian ref gees from Croatia. The League of Prizren (1878) was a pan-Albanian political organisation which embodied the independence bid of the Albanian people who had been living for centuries under Ottoman rule. The attack on this monument to the history and memory of the Albanians constitutes a huge provocation, not only for Prizren and Kosova but for the entire Albanian world. The League of Prizren marked a crucial turning point in the modern history of the lbanian nation. The part of the town of Prizren in which the League of Prizren museum is situated has been designated an area under UNESCO protection.

    [10] Chronicle of Serbian Violence

    Dean: The situation in the commune of Dean, close to the border with Albania remains tense. During the first week of September 179 families in 13 villages were searched.

    Ferizaj: The start of the new school year in Ferizaj was marked by frequent "visits" by police. One of the schools raided on 6 September was the "Muharrem Shemsedini" primary school in Fshati i Vjetr. Police seized school stamps and other documentatio , including staff payslips. The following day Haki Zeqiri, Headmaster, was taken to the police station for questioning.

    Malishev: The village of Carralluge is undergoing a campaign of raids by police under the pretext of arms searches. During the end of August and the beginning of September 17 families were raided. On many occasions furniture and other property were de troyed and family members ill-treated.

    On 5 September police raided the town market seizing merchandise and money.

    Sknderaj: During the same period of time mentioned above, 4 families were searched, 12 people questioned, 6 of them maltreated, 7 were arrested and 2 people were left Court summons .

    Viti: During August, 5 people were physically ill-treated, 3 others arrested, three families were raided, 4 people were left summons to report to the police station, a flat was broken into and police seized passports of two people.

    Vushtrri: During August, Serbian police raided 36 families. 30 people were left summons to report to Serbian run courts, 19 people were physically ill-treated at the local police station, 21 were maltreated and 9 taken into custody. Police intervened o one occasion at an educational establishment, one Albanian family was physically evicted from their flat and one person robbed by police.

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