Kosova Communication 227

Kosova Communication

Bulletin of the Ministry of Information

of the Republic of Kosova

4th year, No 227; 3 July 1995


  • [01] Rugova meets Berisha

  • [02] Berisha received Malaysian Prime Minister

  • [03] Albania joins European Council

  • [04] New Balkans peace initiative

  • [05] Promotion of US opinions on Kosova

  • [06] Kosova Christian Democrats in Bavaria

  • [07] Kosova issue should be solved by dialogue

  • [08] Demands for identification of child killers

  • [09] Danish Kosova Committee established

  • [10] Hungarian diplomats visit Prishtina

  • [11] School year ends

  • [12] Spread of infectious diseases in Kosova

  • [13] Serbian threats regarding drinking water continue

  • [14] News in Brief

  • [01] Rugova meets Berisha

    On his arrival in Tirana on 28 June, Dr. Ibrahim Rugova , President of the Republic of Kosova briefed Dr Sali Berisha, Albanian President on his recent visits to Spain and the U.S.

    [02] Berisha received Malaysian Prime Minister

    Dr. Sali Berisha received on 23 June in Tirana Mr. Mahatir Mohammed, Prime Minister of Malaysia. The Balkans situation, was one of the issues discussed. Both expressed concern over the escalation of conflict in Bosnia and continuing tension in Kosova.

    The Albanian President and Malaysian Prime Minister agreed that the presence of UN troops in Bosnia was necessary.

    [03] Albania joins European Council

    The Republic of Albania was granted on 29 June to full-membership status in the European Council. The EC General Assembly took the decision at a meeting in Strasbourg.

    [04] New Balkans peace initiative

    Albanian media informs that recently several members of the US Congress have demanded Albania to be included in the new Balkans peace initiative to be initiated by Congressman Ulf.

    The aim of this initiative is to bring all Balkans leaders together, in an informal ambience, to discuss possible ways to restore peace in that part of the World.

    [05] Promotion of US opinions on Kosova

    In a comment by Albanian Television regarding President Rugova's visit to USA it is stated that Americans once more reiterated their opinions that Kosova and its issue have not been forgotten and that the importance of Kosova's non violent resistance, was reaffirmed.

    New advancements in American administration and diplomacy standings was seen, since "The Christmas Warning" issued by President Bush and then upheld by President Clinton. This was also confirmed by Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights John Shattuck, who told Rugova that it was the policy of U.S. government to intervene militarily and unilaterally in protection of Kosova if the country was attacked by Serbia.

    [06] Kosova Christian Democrats in Bavaria

    A Kosova Albanian Christian Democratic Party delegation, led by Academic Mark Krasniqi was received by Hermann Ragensburger, Secretary of the Bavarian Ministry of Interior.

    Mr. Krasniqi informed his hosts about the severe situation in Kosova and the reasons forcing Albanians to flee the country, pointing out that between 1981 and May of this year, Serbian police has killed 164 innocent Albanians. He called upon German authorities to allow Albanian workers to stay in Germany until the conditions for them to return back home are right. Mr. Ragensburger promised that he would try and help towards direction and expressed admiration for the policies that aimed towards a peaceful solution of the Kosova problem.

    [07] Kosova issue should be solved by dialogue

    The Stockholm based Transnacional Foundation for Peace (TFF), has offered to intermediate in attempts to find a solution to the Kosova issue. In an interview given to Belgrade Daily Nasa Borba, Jan Oberg, Director of the foundation, stated that a proposed solution for the issue of Kosova would apprehend its demilitarisation and direct talks between Albanian and Serbian sides with themediation of international monitors.

    According to Mr. Oberg " the talks should not focus on the final status of Kosova and whether it should be independentor part of Albanian or Serbia but rather in actual situation and re-establishment of trust and mutual security". He also said that this particular proposal was introduced to both Kosova leadership and Belgrade authorities.

    [08] Demands for identification of child killers

    The Geneva based World Organisation Against Torture, regarding the killing of the Albanian child Isa Muhamet Berisha on 18 June in Hani i Elezit, called upon all interested people to write to Belgrade authorities calling for an end to human rights violations of Albanians in Kosova. The call also demand that the killers of Isa Muhamet Berisha be identified and brought to trial.

    [09] Danish Kosova Committee established

    The Danish Kosova Committee has been established recently in Copenhagen. The committee elected its temporary board consisting of : Prof. Dr. Eric Siesby, Chairman of Danish Helsinki Committee; Dr. Niels Barfoerd, Chairman of Danish PEN Centre; Hanne Severinsen, Danish MP and MEP; Margarita Jakobsen and Riza Niki.

    The constituting document, among other things, states that Danish Kosova Committee shall not allow the two million Albanians, consisting 90% of Kosova's population, to be forgotten by the big powers in their attempts to bring peace to former Yugoslavia. Its aim is to support Kosova people, and to ensure that its legitimate demands for self-determination are considered in the peaceful talks on the solution of conflicts in former Yugoslavia. The committee will also deal with the problems and rights of Albanian inhabitants and refugees in Denmark.

    [10] Hungarian diplomats visit Prishtina

    Mr. Istvan Feherveri, Counsellor, and Mr.Jozef Pandur. Press Atache, at the Hungarian Embassy in Belgrade met on 28 June in Prishtina with representatives of political parties represented in Kosova Parliament, Dr. Fehmi Agani (LDK), Tadej Rodiqi (Albanian Christian Democratic Party) and Bajram Kosumi (Parliamentary Party of Kosova).

    They discussed actual developments in Kosova and Albanian views on a possible solution of the problem. The Hungarian diplomats were also updated with the proceedings of the staged trials against former Albanian policemen. The Hungarian officials were also received by Mr. Adem Demai, chairman of thre Council for the Defence of Human Rights and Freedoms in Prishtina. Both gentlement reiterated Hungary's view for a global solution to all issues in former Yugoslavia including those of Kosova, Sandjak and Vojvodina.

    [11] School year ends

    The academic year 1994/95 for the Albanian segregated educational system ended recently at primary and secondary schools and is expected to finish soon at Prishtina University. Over 350,000 pupils and students have been included in the education, over 200,000 in the primary education, over 50,000 in the secondary education and around 20,000 in the university.

    Despite all the difficulties imposed by the occupying Serbian regime by preventing the payment to teachers and denying acces to Albanian pupils and students, Albanians through their own organisation successfully finished the fourth school year under these conditions.

    [12] Spread of infectious diseases in Kosova

    At a meeting of Specialist on viruses, epidemic and infectious diseased held at Brezovica, Kosova, it was pointed out that during the last five years 134,000 cases of infectious diseases have been reported of which 679 resulted in death.

    Also, 90 epidemics of infectious diseases have been recorded according to the Serbian newspaper "Jedinstvo".

    [13] Serbian threats regarding drinking water continue

    The Serbian management of the water system "Batllava" in Prishtina, at a time when the temperature is over 30 C degrees, have cut off the water to some parts of Prishtina claiming that Albanians have allegedly refused to pay a recently imposed tax of 30 dinnars. Even the Serbian Minister, Milun Babic, regarding this tax, stated that he is against methods of blackmailing applied by Serbian authorities in Prishtina.

    [14] News in Brief

    On 19 June, in Arllat near Gllogovc, the secretary of the primary school "Emin Duraku", Murat Bujupi was detained by police for 'informative talks' for the fourth time.

    On 23 June, in the village of Llazica near Malisheva, in the vicinity of the primary school "Hivzi Sulejmani", a Serbian unit was deployed. Serbian soldiers have been noticed surveying the terrain.

    On 23 June, in Mitrovica, the youth Nimoan Rasim Jashari (24) from the village of Vinarc, was arrested and taken first to the barracks in Mitrovica and then to Belgrade.

    On 27 June, in Prishtina, on the market day, movements of Serbian police forces often accompanied by armoured vehicles were noticed all morning.

    On the same day, around 9 am. in Prishtina, the journalist Ramadan Mucolli was arrested. Mr Mucolli used to be editor in Radio Prishtina and has lately worked as a freelance journalist. During the search of his house, Serbian police siezed his dictaphone and his passport. He was eventually released on 30 July. While interrogaed he was subjected to tortues, threats and insults. The seized equipment was not given back to him. Different associations of jouranlists such as Reporters Without Frontiers had demanded his release.

    On the same day in Prizren, at the town park which is under UNESCO's protection a statue of Tsar Dushan was placed. Many Serbs from Serbia participated in the ceremony which was accompanied by low-level military flights.

    On 28 June, in Prishtina, Serbian police intevened at the deanship office of the Faculty of Arts. Documentation on the enrolment of students was siezed. The secretary, Riza Smaka, and a clerk were arrested.They were released five hours later , after having been interrogated and physically ill-treated.

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