Kosova Communication #225

Kosova Communication

Bulletin of the Ministry of Information

of the Republic of Kosova

4th Year, No 225, Date 19.06.95


  • [01] Another Albanian child killed

  • [02] Rugova Meets Spanish Foreign Minister

  • [03] Prime Minister Bukoshi visits European Parliament

  • [04] Zhulali warns on appeasement of Serbian arrogance

  • [05] Senator Dole receives Kosova Liberal Party delegation

  • [06] Perry repeated warning

  • [07] Carter warns of expansion of war

  • [08] European Council officials visit CDHRF

  • [09] IHF declaration on situation in Kosova

  • [10] Condemnation of political trials in Kosova

  • [11] Information on Kosova education

  • [12] New military port be built in Montenegro

  • [13] European Council delegation visits Macedonia

  • [14] Mass arrests in Sandjak

  • [15] News in Brief

  • [01] Another Albanian child killed

    On 18 June at 19:40 a Serbian soldier killed 10 a year old child Isa (Muhamet) Berisha (1985) from Hani i Elezit. He was killed in the military barracks in Hani i Elezit. It is understood that the child entered the barracks, which are only 70 meters away from his home, to catch his goat. It was a usual custom for inhabitants to go and collect their animals themselves, when they occasionally entered the military property. The family was informed about the incident only at midnight. The family were also told that they could collect the body at the Prishtina hospital today at 11:00. The border region of Hani i Elezit is well known for anti Albanian repression where Serbian occupying forces have killed several innocent inhabitants. Isa Berisha is the seventh Albanian fatality this year in Kosova.

    [02] Rugova Meets Spanish Foreign Minister

    The President of Kosova, Dr. Ibrahim Rugova, during his visit to Madrid met on 15 June with Javier Solana, Foreign Minister of Spain. President Rugova offered a comprehensive account of the current situation in Kosova.

    Touching on the political aspect of the Kosova question, President Rugova recalled the constitutional position Kosova used to enjoy, as an equal entity of the former eight-member Yugoslav federation. "Following the demise of Yugoslavia, the people of Kosova has through plebiscite opted for independence", Rugova stated, noting that an independent and neutral Kosova was an optimal and realistic solution. A temporary international civilian administration in Kosova would create the prerequisites for a negotiated settlement of the Kosova question, Dr. Rugova said, calling on Spain to engage in ensuring a just solution to the problem. Mr Javier Solana highly valued the peaceful policy the Albanians have pursued under the leadership of President Rugova. Mr. Solana said he sympathised with the Kosova issue, adding that he stood for a peaceful and just solution. The Spanish foreign minister said he hoped mutual contacts would be maintained in the future. Meanwhile, President of the Republic of Kosova had several separate meetings with senior Spanish officials.

    Dr. Rugova was received by the Spanish Senate chairman and vice-chairman, Juan Jose Labarda and Joan Rigol, respectively. The current situation and the modes for a breakthrough in the Kosova crisis were addressed. President Rugova of Kosova met with Jordi Sole Tura, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Spanish Congress, Santiago Ansorena and Victoria Redanda, senior officials with the Spanish Foreign Ministry, as well as Ambassador Fernando Sanchez of the EU monitoring mission. The need for a greater international presence in Kosova was stressed in the meetings. President Rugova also met with Catalonian foreign affairs commissioner, Mr. Lubert Cuatrecacos.

    [03] Prime Minister Bukoshi visits European Parliament

    On 14 June , a Kosova delegation, consisting of Prime Minister Bujar Bukoshi, Xhafer Shatri, Minister of Information and Isa Zymberi , Director of the London based Kosova Information Centre, attended a meeting of the European Parliament in Strasbourg. They were invited by the International Forum for Active Prevention of Conflicts.

    The Chairman of the Forum, Bernard Kushner, stated that "Anyone who knows Kosova is aware that the Serbian regime has closed all institutions and public services for Albanians. But Albanians, although with great difficulties, have organised a parallel system in education, health protection and other spheres of life. In Kosova I met Dr. Rugova whom I respect a lot and Albanian peaceful organising in difficult circumstances is for adoration." Hose Maria Mondeluce, member of the European Parliament Committee for Foreign Affairs, Security and Defence, stated that "the situation in Kosova is difficult. Every human right is violated and the danger of eruption of a armed conflict is immense. If with preventive policies we failed in Bosnia, something similar should not happen to Kosova. We must react before it is to late". In his remarks, Prime Minister Bukoshi said that: "Kosova with, its 90-percent Albanian population, is already a Serbian victim. Systematic structural repression against the Albanians of Kosova, enforced by martial law, has reached tragic proportions each passing year." Towards the end he called on the European Union and the International community to seriously consider the Kosova problem. The speeches were followed by a long debate.

    [04] Zhulali warns on appeasement of Serbian arrogance

    Speaking in a meeting of the Defence Ministers of 16 NATO states and their partners, Safet Zhulali , the Albanian Defence Minister demanded that no appeasement should be made to Milosevic's arrogance and subtleties and stated that valued the political solution should rely more on force in order to implement the will of the international community. In actual developments, the situation in Kosova was obviously being ignored and unrealistically looked upon, continued Zhulali adding that this attitude in future could lead to serious complications which would affect not only our region. We support and encourage a mediated dialogue between Prishtina and Belgrade, concluded Zhulali.

    [05] Senator Dole receives Kosova Liberal Party delegation

    A delegation of the Liberal Party of Kosova, led by PLK leader, Gjergj Dedaj, met in Washington with U.S. Senate Majority Leader, Robert Dole. The PLK delegation briefed the senior Republican Party leader on the current developments in Kosova, commending him on his commitment to the Kosova issue. A concrete and direct involvement and engagement of the USA is needed to ensure a just solution to the Kosova issue and, in turn, peace and stability in the region, the PLK delegation stressed. Senator Bob Dole said he was committed seriously to the Kosova issue and expressed his admiration for the non-violent policy the Kosova Albanians have been pursuing under the leadership of Kosova President Ibrahim Rugova.

    [06] Perry repeated warning

    On his return from Brussels where he attended a NATO meeting, William Perry , US Secretary of Defence stated that: "In the case of war expanding from Bosnia to Kosova, Macedonia and Albania, with the potential involvement of Greece and Turkey, we would have to deal with a very serious issue, when the vital interests of the U.S. would be at stake.

    [07] Carter warns of expansion of war

    On June 14 former US President Jimmy Carter warned members of the US Senate Armed Services Committee against lifting the arms embargo on Bosnia for fear of a spill-over of conflict. "It would be inevitable to be directly involved military as a leading member of NATO if the conflict extended into Kosova and Macedonia." Mr. Carter concluded.

    [08] European Council officials visit CDHRF

    Mr. Adem Demai, Chairman of the Council for Defence of Human Rights and Freedoms. received on 9 June in Prishtina a delegation of the European Council Committee on Migrations, Refugees and Demography led by Mr. Alfons Cuco. Mr Demai speaking on the situation in Kosova told his European friends that 'Albanians are the most deprived nation in Europe". European Parliamentarians concluded that the "equilibrium" that existed in Kosova prior to 1989, was in fact an "equilibrium of force and dictatorship"

    [09] IHF declaration on situation in Kosova

    The International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights and Serbian Helsinki Committee issued a joint statement in Vienna. Regarding Kosova, the statement says, amongst other things, that the Belgrade regime is not allowing the return of the OSCE missions to Kosova, Sandjak and Vojvodina and the UN Human Rights Committee Special rapportuer to carry his duty in the FR of Yugoslavia. The statement considers the internationally imposed sanctions on Serbia as the sole levy by which international community can pressurise Milosevic. Removal of sanctions are conditioned on the termination of repression in Kosova and the return of the civil and political rights to the Albanian population.

    [10] Condemnation of political trials in Kosova

    The Independent Trade Unions of Kosova issued a statement regarding the political trials against former Kosova policemen. The statement considers that their only wrongdoing "could be the fact that they would not consent to the occupation of Kosova. ITUK also states that since the occupation of Kosova, 5 July 1990, about 3,500 former Albanian police employees were dismissed from their jobs.

    [11] Information on Kosova education

    It is anticipated that in the school year 1995/96, at least 24,789 pupils will enrol in secondary schools. This figure represents 85% of pupils that have completed the final year of primary school. This year about 273,187 pupils attend primary school education, 29060 of them in their final year. There are 63 secondary schools in Kosova with 36,924 pupils , 11,671 of them graduating this year. The University of Prishtina, consisting of 7 Colleges and 13 Faculties, plans to enrol 6,077 new students in the next academic year, or 55% of secondary school graduates.

    [12] New military port be built in Montenegro

    The Government of Montenegro gave its approval for the building of a new port for the "Federal Yugoslav" Navy, in Valdanozi Bay. The news has caused concern among Albanians and Montenegrins. Albanian organisations consider that this will be heavy blow to Albanian community and the zone will be militarised. For Montenegrin Liberals, this represents the "surrender of Montenegro". Some military analyst warn about the "dangers that the building of the port would bring for the region".

    [13] European Council delegation visits Macedonia

    In a press conference following his visit to Macedonia, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Assembly of the European Council, Miguel Martines stated that 'Macedonia has an important Albanian community. All European institutions would be satisfied if the participation of the Albanians in system would be proportional."

    [14] Mass arrests in Sandjak

    On 16 June the Serbian Helsinki Committee stated that the arrests of the Muslim population of Sandjak has increased recently. This has helped contribute towards the cleansing of the Muslim population in Sandjak.

    [15] News in Brief

    On 7 and 8 June in Dragash, Serbian police questioned Shaban Halimi and Ismet Shyqriu , Chairman and member of the local Finance Committee. Previously they had questioned Ruzhdi Berisha, Member of the Kosova Parliament.

    On 9 June, In Cermjan near Gjakova, at about 17:00 o'clock, 6 armed police raided the 'Vellazerimi' Primary school. teachers and pupils who were celebrating the 80th anniversary of the school were ill-treated. Pictures of Albanian national heroes were torn apart and Sali Kokalla, the headmaster of the school, was arrested.

    On 10 June, in the village Dobraja e Madhe (Lipjan), Serbian police arrested Islam H. Mikulani(26) and sent him to Prishtina military barracks. Mr Mikulani had deserted from the former Yugoslav army.

    On 10 June in Ferizaj, Serbian police prohibited the traditional festival "Kosovarja Kendon 95", which was to be held that day.

    On 12 June , in Prizren police ordered removal of loud speakers from the minarets of the mosques under the pretext that public order was being violated.

    On 13 June, in Mitrovica, Serbian police arrested Daut H. Veseli, deserter from the former Yugoslav army. He was immediately sent to a Nis military barracks.

    On 13 and 14 June in Junik (Dean) police moved 36 Serbian refugee families into settlements that were built for them. There are another 86 houses under construction. Similar settlement are being built in nearby Baballoq.

    On 15 June, in Mitrovica, Serbian police evicted from his flat Gani Sejdiu and 7 other members of his family. The flat was given to a Serbian, Krsto Jovanovic.

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