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Purpose of the database

  • It is widely appreciated that contemporary Hellenes in diaspora have excelled in several endeavors including sciences and education. A significant group of Hellenes in diaspora are those involved in health sciences. Those who are dedicated to biomedical research and education have made an important contribution in many fields of biomedical sciences.
  • The establishment of an easily accessible electronic database of biomedical scientists of Hellenic origin in diaspora which will include several characteristics such as name, university affiliation, university appointment, specialty, research interests, work address, e-mail address will serve several practical purposes:
  • It will provide the opportunity for collaboration and exchange of ideas between scientists of Hellenic origin from different areas of the world. This may lead to cultivation of ideas with practical value for the future of medical and dental clinical practice and biomedical research and education in Greece and Cyprus
  • It will become a valuable resource for biomedical scientists of Hellenic origin in diaspora, Greece or Cyprus, in establishing productive research collaborations
  • It will be a valuable resource for clinicians of Hellenic origin who reside in Greece, Cyprus or other countries to identify Hellenes experts for consultation regarding patient management issues
  • It will become a valuable resource for qualified undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate students of Hellenic origin who want to work under the guidance of a qualified biomedical scientist of Hellenic origin
  • It will be a useful resource for the Hellenic and Cypriot government when there is a need for expert opinion and consultation in public health and health policy issues
  • It will become a prototype model for the foundation of similar databases for Hellenes in diaspora involved in other endeavors including other (non-biomedical) sciences, education, business, politics and arts.


We would like to invite every biomedical scientist of Hellenic origin worldwide, to participate in this database in order to become an active member of this effort. We envision that this www site will become a powerful tool to facilitate collaborations and help Hellenes to get together in a productive way.

    Visit the Medline web site.

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