I was sent to Athens

a book by Henry Morgenthau


    Note on Henry Morgenthau

    Front pages


  1. The Epic of the Modern Greeks
  2. Ten Paragraphs of Recent Greek History
  3. Rumblings of the Approaching Storm
  4. Britain Saves Us from Another World War
  5. The Storm Breaks at Smyrna
  6. The Tragic Flood Inundates Greece
  7. I Was Sent to Athens
  8. My First Days in Greece
  9. Exit Monarchy—Enter Republic
  10. Bright Promise for the Future
  11. Negotiations With the Bank of England
  12. Trips to Geneva and London
  13. The Big Loan
  14. The Urban Refugees Absorbed
  15. The Rural Refugees Take Root
  16. American and British Relief
  17. The Greatness of the Greeks
  18. Looking Ahead