MOHAMMEDANISM has been propagated by the sword and by violence ever since it first appeared as the great enemy of Christianity, as I shall show in a later chapter of this book.

   It has been left to the Turk, however, in more recent years, to carry on the ferocious traditions of his creed, and to distinguish himself by excesses which have never been equaled by any of the tribes enrolled under the banner of the Prophet, either in ancient or in modern times.

   The following is a partial list of Turkish massacres from 1822 up till 1904:

1822 Chios, Greeks                        50,000

1823 Missolongi, Greeks                  8,750

1826 Constantinople, Jannisaries    25,000

1850 Mosul, Assyrians                    10,000

1860 Lebanon, Maronites                12,000

1876 Bulgaria, Bulgarians              14,700

1877 Bayazid, Armenians                  1,400

1879 Alashguerd, Armenians            1,250

1881 Alexandria, Christians              2,000

1892 Mosul, Yezidies                       3,500

1894 Sassun, Armenians                 12,000

1895-96 Armenia, Armenians       150,000

1896 Constantinople, Armenians      9,570

1896 Van, Armenians                        8,000

1903-04 Macedonia, Macedonians  14,667

1904 Sassun, Armenians                   5,640


       Total                                      328,477

To this must be added the massacre in the province of Adana in 1909, of thirty thousand Armenians

So imminent and ever-present was the peril, and so fresh the memory of these dire events in the minds of the non-Mussulman subjects of the sultan, that illiterate Christian mothers had fallen into the habit of dating events as so many years before or after “such and such a massacre.”



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